Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Easy Pot Holders

Do you follow Jodi at Pleasant Home blog?  She is an amazing quilter and spends many hours blogging and finding inspirational quilt photos online to share.  There is no way I could ever become the prolific quilter that she is!  Recently she shared a great tutorial for a mug rug.  You can find it HERE  

This method has got to be the easiest way to quilt EVER!  I cut all my blocks to 2" square.  I used 5 across and 5 down.  You will need lightweight fusible interfacing cut into a 10" square.  Iron the 2" squares to the interfacing following the manufacturer's directions.  Only now do you need to go to the sewing machine.  I'll let you check out Jodi's tutorial to figure this out. 

This next photo is one pot holder ready to be sewn and the one on the right is completed/quilted/backed.

You can see how much it "shrinks" after sewing.  I used fusible batting inside.

I've got 2 sick kids home today, 1 with strep throat and the other one is throwing up - yeah!  Unfortunately I can't get any weaving done since I'm being called upon every 5 minutes, but I was able to make 6 potholders.

These 2 "kids" seem to like it when someone is home with them....

Both of them are hanging out with us in the living room. 



  1. Hope the kiddo's feel better soon.Your mats look good.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. I love your pot holder's. You do great work!
    I hope the kids start to feel better soon.
    Try and have a great night, I know how it is with sick kiddos but our sons are 20 and 17 but they still need Mom, when they get sick!!!!

  3. Ann ~
    LOVE your pot holders. I'll have to check out her blog.
    I hope the kids are feeling better soon. It's hard on them AND you.
    Hugs :)

  4. love the quilted pot holders..but not as much as I love your kittehs.;)

  5. I think I might try some of the quilt mug mats and just work on them when I am in the mood..I have already started on next years Christmas gifts ,so as I finish some I can add them to the GIFT Bin.
    It is no fun when our fur babies are sick and makes us feel bad trying to figure out what to do to make them feel better. I am now a follower on your blog and hope you will come and visit me too:)
    Have a great week (what is left of it)

  6. Love those potholders but they still would be too hard for me! Sorry the kiddies are sick - hope they are better right a way! Now i'm thinking Shadow is Q's dad - they look a lot alike and they flop a lot a like! Love the pics!

  7. Nothing like having sick kids home from schoo. We've had them home this week too. Strep throat and throwing up is not a good combination of two kids for you. I am sorry. Hope all is getting better soon. -Steph-

  8. Entrañable blog, de cosas interezantes.
    Saludos y un fuerte abrazo desde la Isla de Gran Canaria, España.

  9. Hi Ann,
    Love the potholders...wish I liked to use the sewing machine because I'd go crazy making things...just not fun for me.
    Oh what sweet fur babies together there...i wish mine would like each other that much...the only time you see mine that close is if they are batting and hissing at each
    P.S. how is mom doing in here new home.

  10. Love those potholders....I've pinned that tutorial so that I can whip up some soon. Thanks for sharing!


  11. These are so pretty! I need to learn to make them! Thanks! ♥


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