Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Belated New Year's wishes

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and a Happy start to 2012.  

I've been just a little busy - the day after Christmas, my sister, my mom, my daughter and I drove to my Mom's house in Upstate NY to pack up her house and put it up for sale.  We had a couple of deadlines that loomed over our heads.  On Thursday of last week, we needed to be ready for the auctioneer and on Friday the movers were scheduled for 9:30am.  That gave us 3 days to sort/pack/throw over 50 years of my parent's household.  Not only did we have my mom's collections, my grandmother's collections were intact too!  My mom is moving into an assisted living facility in Wisconsin near my sister.  Her new apartment has 3 rooms - bedroom, living/kitchen and bathroom.  Needless to say, Mom had to part with several pieces of furniture.  We joked she is going to have to have antiques in the bathroom! 

My sister and I are dividing up the family antiques that will not fit into my Mom's new apartment. I wanted this antique blanket chest that now sits in my living room.  It's a great old piece with square nails and is made from wide single boards. Just like I like things - old and primitive. 

Above the blanket chest, an antique oil painting now graces our living room.  This painting is of my great - great uncle who died when he was 11 in 1858.  No one else likes this picture of Great Uncle Willy - creepy eyes that follow you!  My sister and I used to scare ourselves silly stealing glances at him when we were growing up.  He was never hung in a main room in our house, I don't know why, guess my Mom didn't like the picture either. I just LOVE this painting now and my sister couldn't get it into my van fast enough!
We contracted with ABF freight to drive the remaining parts of my Mom's household to Wisconsin.  They are arriving sometime this week, so we'll be driving to Wisconsin this weekend to set up my Mom's apartment.  I have some other treasures on the truck that I will show you as soon as I bring them home with me! Now, I'm off to catch up with all of you - I've missed my blogging friends the past week and a half.  


  1. Ann,
    What an awesome chest and painting!!
    Yes, he is a little creepy, but I love it.


  2. Ann~ I think he is a charming fellow..smile..So wonderful to have history and things you remember from childhood.Happy New Year!~Amy

  3. I think Uncle Willy was just keeping an eye on you silly kids!! Lol...I love the pic, and the chest. It's making me think. I would love to get a bigger tv. Yet I have this great entertainment center that was a Broyhill Attic Heirloom piece that I also love. So not sure I want to part with it...as I couldn't fit a bigger tv into it! Hmmm...but the chest sure looks nice!!! Wisconsin is a great place!! I live in Wisconsin too. Katie

  4. hi Ann~ Wishing your Mom the best~ so hard to get all the things sorted~ boxed~ ugh Auctions they wear on the heart & body~
    Beautiful heirlooms love the painting I can see why you loved it so much!!!
    hugs to you~

  5. oh I love the treasures you got from your mom..so will she be closer to you now? take care and happy new year.;)

  6. I'm sure that your Mom will be happy in her new assisted living...they're so nice around where we live here in Buffalo/Rochester area!
    Great family antiques.

  7. Bless your Mom and you sound very organized.

  8. Ann ~
    What wonderful new old treasures. The fact that they are family pieces makes them so much more special!
    Good luck to your mom.
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs :)

  9. I am so glad you were able to inherit some of your mother's precious things. I bet you are so happy to have them gracing your home. Sifting and selling and packing and hauling can be hard jobs. Hopefully all were in good spirits as it was happening. Good luck with the next year. -Steph-

  10. Best wishes for your mom. Assisted living is nice around here too. So many people for them to hang out with too. All your treasures are wonderful and even better when they come from home.

  11. What great treasures, but how hard to pack up everything that fast, both physically and emotionally. Nice memories to have in your home though. Good luck on your travels!


  12. Morning Ann,
    I do know this had to be the hardest time for you mother, you and your sister...we did this with our aunt a few years ago and it was a very hard day on her when we packed up her things, sold some at a rummage sale - she cried most of the day and her daughter didn't understand whey...I said for goodness sakes THIS IS HER LIFE HERE YOU ARE SELLING, how do you think she should feel. So I do understand what you guys are going through having to undo many, many years.
    She will be welcomed here in this wonderful sate of Wisconsin!

    Love the chest Ann...and that picture...he's cute!

  13. Love the chest and the painting Ann! Hugs to you and your mom!Blessings,Jen

  14. Oh, what treasures you must have found. Just remember if you need extra storage space.....I'm sure I can find you some!! Have a safe trip and I hope your mom gets settled in quickly!!


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