Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thank you to Joanne, Marly & Linda AND the Winner!

I know that this is the season to give rather than to receive, but I have to tell you I've been doing a lot of receiving lately!  
Marly from Samplers and Santas had a giveaway last week - I won! Marly gave me a choice of 2 different band boxes - I chose this one with a house and trees.

Inside the box were goodies!  I knew she was enclosing the clove studded pear but she surprised me with 2 Yankee Candle wax melts, a mini tin cookie cutter and 4 pieces of faux fruit.  

I have a collection of mini tin cookie cutters that I usually put on my kitchen tree - I didn't get to it this year, so next year this tree cookie cutter will be a new addition.  For now I'm tucking it into some greenery on a shelf.
The pear has found the nest of my resident partridge.  (I think it's a peahen, but we'll pretend partridge)

Marly,  Thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies, I will treasure them.

Joanne from Snippets and Scraps of my Mind recently had a giveaway -  I won!
Joanne was giving away several items, I was so lucky to receive one of her feather tree kits.  If you follow Joanne, you will know that she is always teaching this feather tree as a class.

I would love to take a class from Joanne - and meet her too - but we live about 8 hours apart.  Joanne included everything I needed in the kit - including the glue! Her instructions were wonderful and after a couple of hours I now have a wool feather tree.  

I should really thank Joanne's new kitten, Quentin for picking my name - Thank you Quentin! Anytime your older brothers are being mean to you, come on over.  But you know that you'd have 2 older brothers here too!  Thank you too Joanne for a wonderful kit!

My next Thank you goes out to that sneaky Linda from Parker's Paradise.  Linda sent me a package that included this cute little pillow that she stitched and a pot holder/hot pad.

Linda is obviously Santa's helper and knows that my pot holders are in terrible condition!  I need new ones desperately, but I can never find ones that I really like.  I'm baring all in showing these horrible looking pot holders to you all! 

These are going in the garbage.  Thank you Linda for sprucing up my kitchen!

Finally, on to the winner of my Pass it Along Giveaway - 

Pam, From Antique or Not you are the winner!  The random number generator picked your number.  Look for an email from me!
Thank you all again for my wonderful winnings. 


  1. Oh girl you have been lucky! Wonderful goodies.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Congratulations on all your winnings! You did a good job on the feather tree! Seems like Christmas came early for you! Be blessed!

  3. Wow! You sure have been on a lucky streak GF!
    Congratulations on all your fabulous wins!!!
    And congratulations to Pam on her wonderful win.
    Hugs and merry Christmas!

  4. Ann, I LOVE all your great goodies form your different prims friends, they are the BEST!!
    Christmas Blessings,

  5. Woo hoo! I'm so excited! Thank you so much Ann for sharing your earlier winnings. And congrats to you on all of your other giveaway winnings...it's turning out to be a great Christmas for us both!


  6. Congratulations on all the new goodies!

  7. Congrats Pam!! Ann, I love all your winnings. How fun to get early Christmas presents. I am so glad Linda found you. She sent such lovely things. I love the Partridge/Hen. Merry Christmas. -Steph-

  8. I am so happy for you! Enjoy all of your wonderful new prims! Thanks for sharing your pics!

    Merry Christmas

  9. Some wonderful goodies Ann!! Congratulations on the delightful wins - and, what's left to say anymore about the Amazing Linda Parker?? She's one of a wonderful kind. But, gee - you really going to throw those potholders out? I think they look better than mine.... ;o) Congratulations to Pam on her lucky win!! And thank you, Ann, for hostessing another fun giveaway...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - I LOVE that wool feather tree - I've seen them on Joanne's blog but am afraid to try it...yours turned out amazing!!) :o)

  10. Ann ~
    Lady Luck has been with you. Congrats!
    I am so bad. Joanne sent me a feather tree kit a LOOOOONG time ago and I've still not made it. Shame on me. I live about 5-6 hours from Grant Street where Joanne goes to hook and I had the pleasure of meeting her there and then again at the ATHA Biennial in Lancaster this fall. She is the sweetest (and funniest) hooker you'd ever want to meet.
    Merry Christmas!
    Pug hugs :)

  11. Oh my Lauren is making me blush (but my face is red most of the time anyway - LOL) Anyway - Ann your tree looks wonderful - and remember you can "prune" it the way you want - cut it down, put it in a crock or whatever you want - you don't have to use the stand I sent - I use them for the classes - There are mini replica of antique tree stands out there that are cute (Linda sells them at Grant Street) and so many different things you can use! Anyway - It looks wonderful - so how many more will you make? Okay - Love love love all your goodies you won! WAy to go girl! Quentin sure knows how to pick! joanne

  12. You recieved some wonderful goodies in the mail.
    Congratulations to Pam!

  13. Oh my gosh, I've got some pot holders that look like that too... lol. You've received some special gifts Anne, and from some special people. Merry Christmas!

  14. Lucky gal~ wonderful goodies~

    Oh, my about the whisk brooms~ the room is so off limits to the kits~ It is a parlor & I have french doors on it~ I get the sad eyes through the glass~ oh, my they want in so bad~ but I tried ~ they were into it in a heartbeat~giggles~
    Have a wonderful day~

  15. What wonderful gifts! And congrats to Pam...she's one of my best blog buddies! I'm so happy for her! Happy holidays my friend! ♥♥♥

  16. Congratulations on so many winnings - they are awesome.
    Isn't it funny how sometimes you see that someone has won 2 or more during a short period...CARMA!
    Congratulations also to Pam on winning your PASS IT ALONG gifts.


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