Monday, July 2, 2012

One Dozen UFO's Done!

By Friday of last week, I finished a total of 12 items from my stitching basket.  Not every UFO is done, but I made quite the dent in my stack of projects.  

#12 - I needed to bind and steam this little mat, pattern from Robin at A Bird in the Hand found HERE 

While I would have liked to keep completing those UFO's duty called and I needed to get these custom baskets done for a gal who ordered a total of 10 baskets from me.  These are the biggest and last 2.  

I had to reward myself after getting all these projects done by starting more!  I actually finished it too - I'll show you later in the week.
Have a Happy & Safe 4th.


  1. Good for you to complete so many UFO's! Such a great feeling to know something is done.

    I haven't had the itch to craft in quite some time. I did start a stitchery about a week ago, but it's slow going.

  2. Congratulations, Ann! You've been BUSY!! It does feel good to check items off your to do list, doesn't it?

    HAPPY 4TH to you and your family!


  3. Good for you! A dozen is no small task, especially when weaving 10 baskets. Those are certainly big and big is beautiful!

  4. Ann ~
    I am so impressed! That is quite an accomplishment!!!
    Wonderful baskets!!!
    Happy 4th to you and your family!
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Those baskets are beautiful and that's
    a lot of projects to finish! Love your
    mat, too! Have a great 4th of July!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. Awww...the kitty mat looks so good !! Great job !! And those baskets !! Wow....such work !
    Beautiful !!!

  7. Congratulations Ann :) I love your creations. Very appealing to me :) You have a fun Fourth too.

  8. Hi Ann,
    I love getting caught up on projects. You are super talented and I love stopping by to see what you are up to. Please stop over by me for a visit soon. Happy 4th.

  9. Love the rug Ann!!!! Congrats on finishing up those UFO! I have many here to work on myself!

  10. Hi Ann, congratulations on your beautiful finishes!! You have been very busy, and those wonderful baskets too!! So happy you enjoyed your gifts!! I was so happy to send them to you, went to a wonderful home!! Hope you have a wonderful 4th!!
    Hugs to you!

  11. I'd say you did pretty good Ann to finish up 12 UFO's! That ought to make you feel good! Love the little kitty mat!

  12. Good job Ann. You have been so busy finishing some really amazing projects. I am proud of your fortitude in getting through it all:) I really like the look or your blog background and banner. Soooo cute. Have a happy 4th. -Steph-

  13. Hi, Ann~ Congrats on finishes~ Cute kitty mat & love the baskets`
    Have a safe~ fun 4th
    Keep cool~

  14. Great job, I'm impressed. I would love to finish some crafts too, but I can't get it done with the kids at home.


  15. You work on so many different projects. I wish I could order 10 of your baskets! That's about how many I 'need'! heehee! Enjoy your day!


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