Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 more in the DONE pile...

Too busy with being a Mom yesterday to work on any finishes. Nothing today until a baseball game tonight at 5:30 - it's going to be a HOT one.  We've been hiding out in the AC all day - over 100 here in NW Ohio.  

#7 - Tombstone Angel by Country Rustic Primitives found HERE.  I needed to coffee stain this piece and frame it, another thrift store frame.  I'm so glad that I painted a bunch of frames and just had them on hand - I used 2 out of my stash today.

 #8 Another Country Rustic piece that needed coffee stained and framed - I just love this little alphabet piece.

 Decided to hang this one in our half bath, under my recently acquired cupboard.  
Finish #9 - I took this paper mache box and turned it into


Two Hares Marking Sampler Sewing box.
First I painted over the snowman design so it wouldn't bleed through the fabric.  Covered both the lid and  box with coffee stained fabric and attached the stitching with primitive stitching around the lid.  

This is a Pineberry Lane pattern - you can find her on Patternmart.  Now I have to collect some sewing goodies to put inside.

#10- Wool Pillow Pinkeep - another Pineberry Pattern.  She includes 2 different patterns in this, but I've only stitched one.  I finished it with help from Marly - Samplers and Santas blog found HERE.  

(It looks blotchy - it's not dry from the coffee stain yet)
Marly and I have been discussing finishing needle projects.  I'm not happy with how mine turn out most of the time.  Marly was kind enough to send me the interfacings that she uses to get crisp finishes.  I will be purchasing more of these interfacings next time I'm at Joann's.  Thank you Marly. 

 And #11 - my last finish for the day - Quaker Egg Pinkeeps - Pineberry Lane pattern, again to be found on patternmart.
I wish I had finished these with Marly's technique, but I stitched them together on Tuesday, prior to my new-found knowledge.  I did "X" around each egg and they were finished off with a coffee stain bath and baked in the oven until dry. 

Be sure to stop on over and see Cathy and what she finished today too!  One more day of this UFO finish challenge and I'm really ready to start another project!!!


  1. Wow,you had a busy day! You did a great job! I was wondering wath UFO means? English is not my first language, but I figured out it is 'unfinished objects'. Right? Wrong?


  2. Fantastic finishes, Ann, I like the first piece shown particularly.

  3. Holy smoke you're getting a lot done! The frames are perfect fits and I love that box. Pineberry Lane designs are terrific and the finishing looks great.

  4. Ann ~
    LOVE all the finishes, but my favorites are the tombstone angel and the sampler box. Makes me want to put down the hook and do some stitching!
    Congrats to Daniel and his team!
    Hugs :)

  5. Wow Ann, you're as smooth as butter, you're on a roll... lol. I love them all, but especially the angel and the sentiment to it.

  6. Ann, your newly finished items are wonderful!! I especially LOVE the p.m. box you covered...


  7. My goodness Ann!!! Your UFO pile is dwindling so quickly. Either you work under pressure or you are very competitive!! Ha ha. Good job.
    You stitch just as pretty as you make baskets. -Steph-

  8. Wow Ann your finishes are just beautiful - I love the covered box...just perfect. Only wish I had enough time to stitch and do this. I covered 23 boxes with fabric yesterday - how fun if I had a stitched piece to put on some.

    Gorgeous post.


  9. Amazing all you have accomplished lately. They all look great!

  10. I adore that tombstone design,and that pineberry lane design is one of my favorites :)

  11. Oh my Goodness! You have been busy! Love your finished creations. Have a wonderful weekend!


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