Monday, June 25, 2012

Want to join the Challenge?

When I first started this blog, I held a Procrastinator's Challenge.  The idea was to dig out those projects that are half way completed and FINISH them.  One of the winner's of the challenge was Cathy from Tolentreasures blog.  Cathy has an unbelievable amount of energy and finishes LOTS of projects.  She also has her fair share of unfinished projects sitting around, as a matter of fact she just posted several of them today.  I sent her a challenge (since I have a HUGE stack of UFO's sitting around) to see what we can finish by Friday.  

I'll share this photo with you, all from my cross stitch basket.  Who knew I had so many finished stitcheries sitting in there? (Note to the Cranky Crow - you thought I was kidding didn't you?!)
Several of these need frames, some made into pillows.  There's a tie that my son needs mended (don't like to mend) a wool coin purse that needs finished, 3 wall hangings that are in different stages of being completed.  

If you would like to join Cathy & me this week, jump on board.  Let's see how many projects we can get done!  

Leave either one of us a comment if you want, we can link to your blog and we'll all show off throughout the week what we get done.  


  1. Ann you better watch it you may not get comments until the end of the week (procrastination you know!) Wow I'm rooting for you to finish ALL those projects. Me - I just need the motivation to start and then I usually do a start to finish! Good luck!

  2. Good luck with your finishes...I've been finding ufo's here and there over the last week...mostly little quilts...over the weekend I got them all ready for's a start...

  3. So now my question. Does that start today? or can I count the ones that I posted this morning? Just kidding, I'll start today!


  4., I didn't really think you were kidding....but I certainly didn't think you'd throw down a challenge. Hey....I still think the best idea was to send them all to Marly to finish..... ;o)

    You do have a serious stash going there Girlfriend....And I'd say I do believe you have me outnumbered - at least stitching, if I hauled out rugs, punch pieces, quilts, and other assorted projects, there might be a close tie. (Is there an age limit on these "unfinisheds"???)

    Anywho - as much as I'd like to (ummmm..."need" to) take you and Cathy up on your challenge, this is not good timing for me. I spent over 6 hours driving Lil' Crow to a specialist in Madison today, returned home, dropped him off, said "sorry for the bad news and that you have to spend your 21st birthday this way" and went to the ER with my mom. The rest of the week isn't looking like it's shaping up any better right now either. I'll be lucky to be able to pop in and harass you and Cathy..... ;o) But wishing you both the best of luck. (But beware - I just might send my stash to the winner....)

    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Hi Ann,
    This sounds like a great idea--I would love to be doing the UFO in my craft zone but unfortunately we are in the middle of a remodel. If and when I ever get to painting again I wonder if I will even know how to do it?!
    Wishing you loads of encouragement!


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