Monday, June 18, 2012


Confession:  I do not particularly like to make rib baskets.  I do make them from time to time, but they just aren't my favorite style to make - my fingers always end up sore and I'm extremely OCD about the two sides being mirror images of each other.  

2 years ago at a thrift store I found a set of antique embroidery hoops.  The wood was worn and smooth from years of use.  I knew immediately they would make a good rim and handle for an egg basket.  

Everything went along quite smoothly until I took the basket outside to stain.  All my baskets get a good shake to remove the excess stain - if I don't do this, the stain will pool and create an uneven color.  I'm not gentle when I do this either - I whip the baskets back and forth several times to flick the excess stain into the yard. 

Picture this:  I'm holding this basket by the handle (antique embroidery hoop), raise it over my head to swing and the basket goes flying through the yard.  I'm still holding onto the handle!  The sound effect:  ARGH!  

Hours and hours went into this basket.  I was SO pleased with how it turned out and now I have a basket and a handle.

This has been sitting for a year while I've calmed down and thought of a solution for the problem.  I sure wasn't going to throw it away!

Solution:  Make-do patch.  If you've followed me for sometime, you know that I like antique baskets that have minor wear to them.  Hmm, can I make this into one of those baskets?  Using the drill, I created a rectangle - one hole on each corner of the rectangle.  Threaded through the holes, I used rusty wire to first create an "X" holding the basket and handle together and then wrapped the wire around the "X" several times.

This side you can see my wire stitching.  The other side was much more difficult - the handle broke off behind the god's eye.  I ended up cutting the inside of the god's eye (cringe) so I had room to work.  I need to find some glue (cringe again) to glue the god's eye back together.  Unless you are looking closely the glue won't be seen. 

I'm extremely happy with how my make-do patches turned out - glad I mulled over different ideas on how to fix the problem. 

Speaking of baskets, I am giving away a basket on my 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets blog - if you click HERE it will take you to the giveaway link.  You have until the end of June to sign up. 



  1. Ann that's a perfect solution and I like it even better now since it has the make do patch.

  2. OMG! How sad was it to break the handle ... looked like a beauty. But it was great arrangement, the basket looks wonderful in any way. Nice work!

  3. Ouch!!! That hurt to read! Love the mend...I think it adds to its beauty. Nice save!

  4. Oh I bet you were heart broken! But you fixed it up perfectly!!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Your repair is in the true spirit of past "make do" efforts, Ann. It looks wonderful, "booboo" and all!!


  6. Oh - I bet you were upset when that happened - but your fix is a great one!

  7. Love the make do repair.Just think in years to come you'll have have a smile of the memory.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. I'm sure you could have cried but the sight to behold sounds hilarious, although I'm sure no one would have dared your face. The basket is indeed beautiful, your fix ingenious. The story behind it...priceless! Thanks for sharing it and enjoy your day!


  9. Ann,
    I am so impressed you did not throw it away-like I would have done!!!
    Love how it turned out. Just perfect!
    Enjoy your day,

  10. Great fix Ann! I think that wire patch makes it look even better!

  11. Ann,

    Oh wow! I would have cried and cried. I have made a few ribbed baskets and they are very time consuming...good job on the fix your basket has more character with it's battle scar!


  12. You're on to something! Some primitive lovers would probably prefer this! Your weaving is terrific and this fix is amazing. My kind of basket.

  13. I LOVE your special basket Ann! It must have been gorgeous before the - but is even more unique and covet-able now with its one-of-a-kind repair. (But, if you're like me, you search out those quirky make-do repairs in the prims you collect, but you're not so keen on the idea of them in your own hand-did's.....Just know the rest of us are!) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  14. I would have been so angry. Maybe you were too when it happened. Your fix is great! Maybe I would prefer it this way (antique, unique)


  15. Well, I'm glad you confessed to that Ann... lol. That basket is prim perfect now with that makedo fix. Can't afford to waste :)

  16. Oh, my heavens!!! It looks awesome. You may have just created a "new" kind of basket to sell. I think you need to do this to a few and create a new line. My sound effects would have been a little more pg-13 than an argh!! The basket is really beautiful Ann. Thanks for sharing your mishap. -Steph-

  17. Gorgeous basket and a clever solution.

  18. It's beautiful, Ann...unique and one of a kind! Just what we all love! Your baskets are indeed works of art! Enjoy your weekend!


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