Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Friends

Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend the Sauder Village Rug Hooking Exhibit and meet my online friend Lauren from Rugs & Pugs Blog.  
We met up in the parking lot prior to the opening of the show and exchanged gifts.  Lauren gifted me with a very generous stash of wools.  

And she made me one of her spoon necklaces with what else on it but 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets!  The handle of the spoon says "WOOL".  Aren't these great?  Lauren, I LOVE them.  

We had a good laugh when we saw each other's bags.  I gifted her one of my antique clothespin baskets - the legs of the basket are the antique clothespins.  I put it in a maroon bag with a piece of crow tissue paper.  Guess what she had wrapped my wool up in?

We had such a nice day, enjoyed lunch at The Barn restaurant on the Sauder Complex and drooled over many gorgeous hooked rugs.   My hooking journey to date has been pretty lonely - I took one class several years ago and have worked at it on my own since.  It was so nice to have Lauren imparting her rug hooking knowledge to me as we walked around and looked at the rugs.   Our taste in rug hooking is very similar and liked many of the same things.  My goal for the coming year is to attend an actual hooking event with Lauren.  

I've been very busy weaving baskets the last week and need to make my rounds and catch up with all of you. 


  1. Nice exchanges. I saw her post photos of the displayed rugs - amazing!

  2. Ann, I know that you and Lauren had a great day at Sauder. Wonderful wool and the spoon necklace and key ring are great!


  3. Sweet exchange ..
    Hugs and love xxx

  4. Love the necklace! What a great time the two of you must have had. It must be such fun to meet a fellow blogger in the flesh! Saw your sweet basket with clothespin feet over on Lauren's blog and it is wonderful!
    Have a great weekend,

  5. Two of my friends were teaching and showing their rugs at Sauder. Wish I could have gone.

  6. What a great day! I would love to learn how to hook someday.

  7. How wonderful to have a friend with whom to share your hobby.

    Love your baskets.

  8. Great minds think alike, right? :) It's so fun to share a common interest with a friend! Love that spoon necklace!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Spot on good taste you gals have. I love the spoon necklace, so pretty and special with your title on it. You should keep at that rug hooking. I'm sure you'll be good at it :)

  10. Ann ~
    It was my pleasure spending the day with you!!! What fun it was.
    Hope to see you again soon.
    Pug hugs :)

  11. How fun Ann. Your wool is beautiful, but the real gift is sharing laughs and good times with a friend. I am so happy for you to be able to meet Lauren. She made you some beautiful spoons too. Cherished forever I am sure. -Steph-

  12. I love the wool colors! How lucky you are to get to go to the rug hooking exhibit! I am in east TN and can't find a place within driving distance to shop for rug hooking supplies, take classes, or visit shows.
    The jewelry is gorgeous, too!

  13. What fun! How neat is that spoon necklace?! It's always fun to meet someone who enjoys the same things you do!


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