Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Little Hooking

Confession:  I'm a part time hooker. 

 Every year when I attend the Rug Hooking show at Sauder Village in Archbold Ohio, the bug bites me a little harder.  Each year, I venture farther and farther into this wool hobby of mine.   I always feel so intimidated when I attend the show, the feeling I have that my hooking will never be that good, I wish I could combine colors like that, etc.

Attending the show this year with my blog friend and now real life friend Lauren of Rugs and Pugs was like having my own private tour guide.  Thank you so much Lauren.  

My purchases at the show:
Pumpkin Kit by Wendy Miller of Red Salt Box 

Purchasing a kit is my favorite!  Someone else has taken the time to pull together all the wools and cut the strips.  I don't have a cutter so I have to resort to my rotary cutting tool & mat.  This pumpkin kit included antique paisley strips to hook into the pumpkin.  


I was brave enough to purchase 2 patterns - one of them Antique Florals by Wendy Miller of The Red Salt Box.  

My progress on this one so far - I LOVE rugs with dark backgrounds and simple designs.  I added the year to this one - not sure I'm happy with it.  What do you think - should I take out the 2012?  The corners just seem so big with nothing in them.  

I recently did a swap with Saundra of Woodland Junction blog.  I sent her one of my Rug Hooker's Tote baskets.  

This purse that she hooked is gorgeous.  The hooking is perfect and her finishing is WOW!  Her attention to detail is wonderful - the lining is sewn in with such care.  

If you aren't a hooker, but want a hooked piece, check out Saundra's blog for a link to her website.  I highly recommend her work.  

I can't wait to carry this little purse - until then, it will hang on my peg rack by our front door.  Great for my fall decorating!  

Completely off topic - we have a Senior.  How did this happen, she was in kindergarten with Mrs. Nicholls yesterday! 

 Last Friday night at the football game, all Senior athletes and their parents are introduced.  Carrie is one of 3 Sr. girls running Cross Country.   
 In just a few short months she'll be off to college and I'll be living with all boys.  Who is going to paint my nails? Who will let me braid their hair?  The only boy with hair long enough for me to french braid is Shadow.....
Have a great week!


  1. hi, Ann
    Well, I must say you are a "Great Hooker" giggles~ seriously you are doing wonderful work~ I would love to try it someday~
    Oh, you take me back~ Brandi my stepdaughter ran cross country in High School & College~ now she runs with baby strollers~ giggles~ I don't think she will ever stop running I say it is in her blood to do it~
    Your daughter is cute~ and pretty soon only boys~ oh, no look out Shadow~
    Enjoy these cool temps~ I am hoping to get some yard work done today without sweating!!!

  2. Happy Sunday Ann!!
    Nice picture of all of you.

  3. very pretty pictures..
    love for you xx

  4. Love your pumpkin. I like the floral even better! You are right, the corners need something and I think the date is good, or your initials. Very nice photo.

  5. Great job, Ann! Keep it up! I use to date my rugs and hook my initials into them, but the last few rugs I've hooked I haven't done that. I like a cleaner look now and, no matter what I did, my initials always looked sloppy to me. It's also easier I, think, to put all the info on a label and add that to the back of the rug. It's just a personal preference.
    Great pic of you and yours!

  6. I want to be a hooker! Lol...I like the year that you added to your rug - I think it looks great! Love the pic of you all.

  7. lovin' the pumpkin and the purse! I really love thevred flowers with the black background!

  8. Your hooking is wonderful,don't worry.I bet you and Lauren had so much fun.I've had a kit here for a long time some day I'll brave it and just it is just so nice I don't want to mess it up.Your daughter is very pretty.You'll still enjoy the girly things on her visits home.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. Ann ~
    It was my pleasure being your tour guide! Your rugs look great. You are one heck of a hooker!!!
    Wonderful purse from Saundra. Her hooking is amazing, isn't it? She is SO talented.
    Sweet family pic and I like your new profile pic. Very cute, you are!!!
    Hugs :)

  10. Ann, now you can add to list of great talents rug hooker. I envy you living in NW Ohio, Sauder is right in your neck of the woods.
    I enjoyed seeing all of the pics Lauren and the other girls have posted of the rug show. Some day I will make it up there.
    I got to meet up with Lauren yesterday at Quailcrest.

  11. Your hooking looks great. Lauren would be an excellent tour guide and a great friend to help your hooking habit flourish :)

  12. Oh Ann, there's no harm in a little hooking and I must say you're very good at it too.
    Our little girls grow up too fast :)

  13. I bet it was so much fun to go with a blogging friend. Good luck on the new kits you purchased. I really like the one's with the dark backgrounds too. It really makes the design pop. I can't imagine having a senior. Having a third grader is bad enough. One day, I will wake up and she will be graduating though. Hopefully she won't go too far away to college. Have a great day. -Steph-

  14. I love the way you decorated the peg rail. I' ve never hooked before (except in elementary school: sewing, hooking and knitting every Friday afternoon). I'll teach you how to live with only boys :-).


  15. Love your new floral! And the little pumpkin mat, too! Glad you enjoyed Sauder ~ there's nothing like it! I'm sure Lauren did a great job of showing you around ~ nice to have a guide! Good to see your smiling face!

  16. I love your pumpkin rug and the floral that you are working on...I, like you, LOVE dark backgrounds on rugs.

    Don't the kids grow up know it was only yesterday that your daughter started school, right?


  17. I am a lover of pumpkins so I just love your adorable pumpkin rug. Looks wonderful.

  18. I like the date added to your rug..


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