Friday, September 14, 2012

What Wonderful Bonnets!

 Lecia of Farmhouse Prims and I are online blog friends.  I know we'd be friends in "real life" too if we only lived closer. 

We've gone back and forth commenting on each other's blogs and emailing each other.  Earlier this year we decided to do a swap - baskets for bonnets is the name of the swap!

I think we are addicted to each others work, another swap was in order.  Today's mail brought the most delightful package........

A HUGE surprise in a TINY bonnet!  I'm not sure where I'll display this one yet, but for the photos, I placed it over a pottery piece that I have. 

I'm thinking it might stay here - it blends in so well with the other pieces displayed in this case.  
How adorable is this?

I should have started with this photo - Lecia wrapped everything up so prim and proper!  I think she knows that I LOVE burgundy.   

Lecia sent me 3 prim bonnets, one muslin stained and 2 calico's.  

Lecia,  Thank you so much for your generosity.  Your sewing & presentation is wonderful.  


  1. Hi Ann, You know if we lived closer we would have lots of fun, I am so glad you are my prim friend! I am thrilled that you like your bonnets, they look lovely displayed in your beautiful home!!! Hugs, Lecia

  2. Ann..I love those little bonnets! They look really nice on your shelf...very pretty! Blogging has opened up a whole new world for many wonderful people to meet that share the same interests! I am a seasonal hooker myself...cross stitch in the spring and summer...hooking in the fall and winter!

  3. Great bonnets, Ann and perfectly displayed!
    Hugs :)

  4. Hello Ann, lucky you, sweet bonnets you recieved, so pretty. Also like the way their displayed, wonderful swap. Blessings Francine.

  5. I had visited Lecia's post earlier to admire the basket you made - loved it and the sheep label. You two had a great idea to swap and Lecia's bonnets are wonderful - you have the perfect place for them!
    Best wishes

  6. hello dear, i really love all of the bonnet so much..they so sweet.i love the way you displayed them all..
    lots of love for you xx

  7. O Lecias beautiful bonnets and your baskets make me weak in the knees ...Im thinkin how much fun would we have if we could all live next door :0) Have a great weekend hugs lil raggedy angie

  8. Lovely. You just need one for every day of the week and you will be all set to go. I am glad you have such a talented friend to swap with. Have a great weekend. -Steph-

  9. Yes, your baskets and Lecia's bonnets are a good mix. I love the fabrics she uses. I have to really discipline myself every time I see her post new bonnets.

  10. Hi Ann,
    What sweet bonnets! They look so good on your blue shelf. Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

  11. What a great swap - One can never have enough bonnets - I have a few myself.

  12. Don't you love swaps and barters, as we call them here in New Hampshire!
    Lovely, sweet bonnets!

  13. How fun to have a friend to swap with. I like the burgundy bonnet, and yes, it matches with everything else on the shelf. I'm glad we can all inspire each other in our crafts. What would we do without blogging friends?

  14. Hi Anne...miss hearing form you...hope all is well with you and yours.

  15. Hi Ann

    How are you? It has been such a long time ago!



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