Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Twenty one years ago today (January 21, 1989) my DH and I got married.  Happy Anniversary to Us.  I can't believe that it's been that long, it sure doesn't seem that long as I can't be more than 32! 

DH looks so young in our wedding photos.  He was young, we both were - I was a senior in college and he had graduated from the same college the previous year.  My parents just couldn't understand my "rush" to get married.  Mind you my mother was only 22 when she got married - the same age I was, although she had graduated from college already.  My Dad was older, he was 28 and a veteran of WWII going to college on the GI bill. 

How times and styles change - would I pick everything today as I did then?  Doubtful, but a marriage is not about the wedding it's about the marriage that comes after the wedding.   I loved my dress then and still do, it was a straight dress with a detachable train.  After the wedding I removed the train so I didn't have to deal with the bustle at the reception.  

My cake topper and unity candle.  Unity candles were all the rage in the 80's when we got married.  I know lots of people still use them, but EVERYONE that got married in the '80's had one.  Ours had our wedding invitation on it embellished with sparklies and pearls.  I had dreams of displaying my cake topper in my home to commemorate the day. Where is it now - in the hat box with my veil on the top shelf in my closet!  Can't say that it really mixes in with the primitive decor that I so love. 

Have a wonderful weekend - ours will be filled with basketball.  ~Ann


  1. Congratulation on your wedding anniversary. Bring out your cake topper, and enjoy the memories. Very few can say they made it 21 years! Hope you make it to 25th! We will be celebrating 35th in June, and everyone gave us a month!

  2. I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago. Happy Anniversary. Have a great day.


  3. Hope you have a wonderful anniversary! Your cake topper is adorable, too bad you couldn't find a special place to sneak it in with your prims. Have a great day, Dawn

  4. Congratulations!
    May you have many more wonderful years together! :)
    (My cake topper and veil are in a box in the garage! haha!)

  5. Congrats Ann on a wonderful accomplishment. I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful anniversary. Enjoy your day.

  6. Congrats! My topper and candle were Precious Moments (remember them) Have a great one, Kim

  7. Happy Anniversary!
    I hope you have a wonderful day planned.


  8. Happy Anniversay!!! we had 2 on christmas eve 1985 by the jp..and another January 18th 1986..the church wedding for the family...I didn't have the white dress or the candle..(didn't know about the candle thing) but we had a great time and the shower came after the wedding..because we surprised everyone by eloping...and I was 21-1/ birthday was in really close to cake topper is on a shelf in my shabby chic bedroom...and so is my matches the colors in there..:) hope you had a wonderful look so cute..:)

  9. Happy Anniversary to you both!I think that is where most everyone's wedding apparel that was married then has ended up; in a closet in a box. Hope that you have a wonderful day & through all the basketball, there is some time for the 2 of you.


  10. Happy Anniversary! I missed getting married in the 80's - I didn't get married until 1991, so no unity candle for me. Almost everyone else's weddings had them, though. I still have my dress that's stored in an airtight box in the closet. Maybe my daughter will be able to use it one day. But, she will have to get rid of the big, puffy short sleeves - remember those? :)

  11. How wonderful, Ann.
    Happy Anniversary!!!
    Here's to the next 21!! And the next 21 after that!!! And the next...!!
    Hope you two have an amazing day.

  12. Congrats! That is beautiful! I just realized my first wedding was 21 years ago! wow! but we were only married 3 years. I congrats and admire you and your hubby for your longevity and togetherness!

  13. Ann,
    Happy Aniversary!! I got married in 1979 and we had the unity candle with our invitation on it also. It is in a box in our storage room with the candle topper...and my dress and veil are in a box in the closet.
    Have a great day.


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