Thursday, January 7, 2010

I got lost in the Holiday!

I am so sorry that I was gone for SO long. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Whew our holidays were very busy here at my house. My Mom came to spend the holiday with us, since my Dad died 11 years ago she's spent all but 2 Christmases with us. We were all happy to see Mamie.

I do have a few pictures to share with you of projects I've been working on... I used the pattern from Bird in the Hand Primitives blogspot to create these candle wraps for the 3 teachers I work with. I just love to blanket stitch!

I used a mixed media to create this Valentines candle, the charms down the right side spell "TRUE" and the black ribbon on the top left says "LOVE". This is a candle that I used blackened beeswax on and rubbed with spices. I proceeded to wrap with cheesecloth and added an antique photo, rusty safety pin and antique buttons.

I couldn't believe that I found this primitive stitchery at a local antique mall for $2.25. I dug the frame out of my stash for a perfect fit. The stitching is great, it's very uneven and childlike. I believe that it was a transfer pattern that was ironed onto this linen and then the stitcher just covered the "x" with floss.

Lastly, I found this chart at Blackbird Designs One stitch at a time blogspot. I couldn't show it to you earlier as it was a Christmas present for our DD. This year when she entered high school she decided on French as her foreign in language. We had to laugh at her rationalization for this choice - she knew that Spanish would make her more marketable in the future, but she WANTED to take French. Kids really don't have much choice in what they can take if a four year college is in their future: 4 years of Math, Science, English, Social Studies and a foreign language. Their roads are pretty much mapped out for them upon entering high school. We agreed with her that Spanish was the more logical choice, but encouraged her to take something that she wanted to take, hence the French.

She just loves anything relating the the Eiffel Tower and Paris. The browns complement her bedroom and it was a fun surprise to make for her. Happy New Year! ~Ann


  1. I want to make some cross stitches too. I used to do them in colored version, but want to do some small prim ones to go with my new look.


  2. how do you make blackened beeswax? I love the candle and make them..but am curious about the blackened kind.:) love your candle wraps..:)

  3. I am glad to see you back. I love the candle snowmam wrap. I think they are so cute, and great gifts.

    ~~ Blessings~~

  4. Great job on the candles, Nan! I especially love the Valentine's Day one you created. Love your DD's BBD stitch. I've got it started, just need to finish it!

  5. I love every thing you do. Thank you for the tutorial, after seeing your pictures I think I can make those lovely candles, too.



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