Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm Feeling Blue!

Char at the Pickled Pepper Patch does a Monday post about the Monday Blues.  Today one of the items she highlights is her love of crocks.  I too love crocks, my favorite are the ones decorated with blue designs. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite from around my home. 

 This first one is one of my most prized possessions.  It was made in my hometown of Sherburne New York by Hart Brothers Pottery.  I do not have the lid for this, but I do believe that it was a churn.  When my parents gave it to me I was ecstatic!   For all of my growing up years it sat out in the garage on a shelf overhead.  Now you need to understand that our garage was really the old horse barn, 2 1/2 stories tall and big enough for a tractor, a car or 2 and my Dad's woodworking shop.   

I remember this crock sitting at a very precarious angle on that shelf, I'm really surprised that it didn't fall off and break.  I can imagine how it ended up on the shelf, I'm sure my Grandmother didn't want a butter churn sitting in her house once she began using a glass table top churn.  I'm sure that lots of items where discarded that we would all drool over.  As new "technology" was developed our ancestors said "out with old and in with the new".  Thank goodness I come from a long line of packrats!   

 My family knows to steer clear from this crock - I'm not sure I could find a replacement and I KNOW I couldn't afford one!  Whenever my friend Melissa - Farm Field Primitives is over I have to make sure that the crock is still sitting in my home and hasn't found it's way out into her vehicle! 

This next crock is just a crock, another one that my parents gave me from the garage!  The kids love to hid things in this one when Mom says "clean up"! 

A new item in my collection.  My college roommate knows of my love of blue crockery and gave me this bowl and pitcher set several years ago. 

A little of my past and my present.  The crock on the left was given to me by my parents - no this one didn't come from the garage, it's new!  It has my hometown imprinted in it - Sherburne NY.  The crock on the right is in celebration of Ohio's bicentennial in 2003. 

This next crock I found at a church rummage sale.  It's a little beat up but that's what I like about it. 

I hope you've enjoyed a peek into my collection of blue pottery.  Have a wonderful Blue Monday.  ~Ann


  1. Love your collection, I love crocks too. Is incredible that the first beautiful crock in the list are in the old barn and not displayed in your parents home. Lucky you for that gift!

  2. I can see why your friend wants that crock!...It is AWESOME!...thanks for sharing your pix....I love to see everyones prim pretties!

  3. I love your crocks, and the top one is my
    favorite, too! I would love to find some
    old ones with a lot of writing on them, I
    know they are expensive. I have a lot of
    crocks that I posted on my blog, last Fall.
    I just keep buying more! :)

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. Love your crocks - great collection! I agree - love seeing everyone's prims!

  5. I have mine scattered throughout my home...they bring back lots of memories!! Dianntha

  6. all that you said was a bunch of crock!!! lol..:) I love your crocks..they are wonderful...have a great day.:)

  7. Ann...I was blown away when I saw you were from Sherburne NY...I am from Norwich and live in Beavermeadow!! small world!!
    LUV your crocks AND your's one of my fav's!! :-)

  8. Hi there nice to hear from you today on my blog...thanks so much for the comments on Doug.

    Oh, we went to the Gingerbread House for lunch a little over a week ago and much to our SADNESS...they were closed till this week here!
    You might know...the one day we choose to go and they were closed....guess they need time off too.



  9. Love all your crocks. I too love the blue ones the best.


  10. Love your crocks!! I went to a primitive show this past weekend and there was a booth full of crocks...I loved it, but couldn't afford any of them.

  11. Hi Ann, thanks for your visit today!
    I love your collection...LOVE LOVE the bowl and pitcher!
    Have a happy week :)

  12. That is sure some crock goodness!!! Love it! :)


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