Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Curtain Tie Back

Here's a recap of my bathroom curtain project - The old valance that I wanted to replace...
The new curtain made from osnaburg...

New curtain with ripped piece of osnaburg for a tie back.  Thanks to those of you who suggested this option.  I really like how it looks. 

Doesn't light make a huge difference in how things look?   The first two pictures were taken at night time and the third one was during the day.  Everything in the bathroom looks pale during the day.

Just rearranging a few things around the house...

 To finish this post, I have a confession to make - I am not always the most organized person!  I usually know where something is, but I do end up with stacks like this one on top of the fridge...
Everything up here is school related, schedules, sports, etc.  I don't have a desk to work from at home and I just make sure that anything related to the kids goes up here.  I also am not a "clean front" fridge person.  I have photos of my own kids and kids that have been in my class, plus pictures of my nieces and nephew, a highschool basketball schedule, a baseball schedule, etc hanging on the front.  

In an effort to make things a little tidier, I used this wooden pop crate to contain all my important papers.  I bought this off ebay a couple of years ago, paid more for shipping than I did for the crate itself and haven't ever used it!   
I will probably never have a "clean front" on the fridge but organizing it looks a little better.  The things on the front make me smile when I look at them. These mementos always help get my day off to a bright start. 

We're off to (probably) our last basketball game of the season.  Our Highschool team starts playoffs tonight - shhh...I don't think they will win - so we will be done!  ~Ann 


  1. I love using baskets and boxes for all those things that tend to collect around the house.


  2. I am glad you are not a " clean front " kinda gal...it shows your are warm and loving!! You have your priorities right!!!

    I like the new curtian. I made mine out of the same fabric and I love them.

  3. Love your curtains. I got a new fridge a couple of years ago and claimed it as as a "no post" zone after years of kids and needing to use it as such.
    I am wondering if you could give us any hints on quilt shops in your area. We will be staying at the Heritage Inn in Sauder next month.


  4. hard as I try, there is always something on a magnet on the frig----I have a box in storage of things I've saved when I clean off the frig. I think the front of the frig says a lot about a person's life. Are they alone and lonely or well thought of and remembered? I am glad to be noticed and remembered.....

  5. oh, yeah, I love the before and the second after! on the curtain!

  6. Ann,
    I like the new curtain, but I also liked the old one. Your fridge is so neat! You should see mine- also covered with papers. :)

  7. Love the new curtain. I made some from osnaburg for my kitchen windows and I love them!

    I love the front of your fridge with all the things that make you smile. ;-)

    I always filled the front of my fridge with pics of the kiddos, or their drawings/art. When we started the remodel I bought all new stainless steel appliances and now I have a "Clean Front" fridge, and I am sad. :-(
    One side of the fridge is exposed so I can hang their things there, but it is NOT the same!

    Prim Blessings,

  8. I thought that's what the top of Fridge's were for!!! Only kiddin'...

    New Hand done curtain looks just Great and yes lets the light shine on in...

    Hope the Basketball went well...

    Always My Best~Marilyn

  9. I'm not a clean front kind of person either. I love having my grandkids' pictures and art work all over the place so I can see them and smile. Loved your "confession" but you have nothing to confess. You're being YOU. That's good.

  10. The front of my fridge is exactly like yours...I always hang my kids papers on there & they love it so that makes me happy! I like the crate on top holding your important papers...great idea! Your curtain looks great!!!


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