Monday, March 29, 2010

It Worked!!!

We took the plunge yesterday and cut our large bathroom mirror and IT WORKED!  I now have 2 smaller mirrors that are awaiting frames to be made for them on Wednesday of this week.  YEAH!  I am so glad that we tried this.  Thanks to all of you who left me advice on doing this. 
 I do have the top half of the kids bathroom painted.  We are putting Wainscot on the bottom half and then I will paint that a slightly darker color than the top part of the wall.  Hope to have this all done by Thursday!  Don't want to carry this project any longer and with this week being Spring Break week I have to time to work on it. 

Now I have to show you some TS finds.  I found these Pfaltzgraff bowls at GW on Friday.  I debated about them, they are large for individual bowls, but a little on the small side for serving bowls.  I love the mustard color so decided to buy 2, they were only $1.00 each.  After I left I got thinking, I should have bought all 8 of them.  I went back about an hour later and the rest of the set was gone.  Someone please kick me! 
For a mass produced basket, this one is very nice.  It is old and well constructed, so for 75 cents I've added it to my collection.  I am NOT big on mass produced baskets, but I will make an exception once in awhile. 
The two unfinished frames were $1.00 each, I usually pass by the frames at GW unless they are half off that day, but unfinished is a different story!  The small wooden frame was 25cents - that was a good buy - I love little frames.  The blue ball jar and framed cross stitch were each half off for 50 cents. I have a zinc lid for the ball jar and I think it will go in the "new" bathroom with cotton balls in it.  I'm calling the flag a plant pick, not sure what it was used for, but I can see it added to a crock around the house. 
I see sunshine today!  After rain all day yesterday I'm ready for the sunshine.  Have a great day!  ~Ann


  1. Love your GW finds, yes, I've kicked myself plenty of times over items I left at GW:)


  2. Hi Ann,
    HGreat finds.
    Cant wait to see the bathroom redo.

  3. I am so glad it worked! I can't wait to see the bathroom all finished! It is going to be great!


  4. Love the bowls!! Can't wait to see the bathroom redo!

  5. Hi Ann! Love those little mustard bowls!!! And, all of the finds from the thrift! Always feels good to get some treasures! Speaking of which... you had entered a giveaway on my blog a couple of days ago... check back to see who won! ;-)


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