Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trashy Thursday Tutorial

Several weeks ago, a forum that I belong to was having a "Tin Can" challenge.  The rules were simple, take a recyclable tin can and transform it into something primitive.  After thinking about this for many days, this is what I entered. 
 I have a thing for silicone light bulbs and grubby candles! 

Here's what you need:  

Plaster of Paris
Clean soup can
Modge Podge
Spanish Moss
Cheap window candle(start looking at garage sales - usually you can pick these up for 25 cents)
Briwax or Burnt Umber Oil paint (the kind artists use)
scrap Styrofoam
silicone bulb
Candle ring

1.  Fill the can about 1/3 of the way with Plaster of Paris, let sit until hard
2.  brush the outside of the can with a coat of modge podge and sprinkle with cinnamon spice mixture - whatever you want, repeating at least once more
3.  cut the candle to an appropriate length, being careful not to cut the electrical cord!  I use one of DH's hacksaws to do this. With a paper towel rub on the antiquing medium of your choice
4.  Place the candle into the can and hold in place with pieces of Styrofoam.  I just broke off small pieces and used them to prop up the candle. Run the electrical cord over the back rim of the can.   Cover the Styrofoam with Spanish moss and place your candle ring on top.  You now have a nifty little accent light

The candle rings were actually also a trash item.  I had these on my tin chandelier in the dining room, but all the red berries popped!  Don't you hate it when the pip berries do that?  I just cut off all the red ones and decided it would be perfect on this. Hope you enjoyed this,  I was very pleased with how it turned out and it looks good in my half bath!  ~Ann 


  1. I luv it..just started followingl you today..glad I stopped by, stop by and see me sometime.


  2. Great idea...I love little lights like that!

  3. I've never seen a a soup can look so good.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Ann love it!! I am a huge light gal!~!! I make them All the time!!!And have made several them with cans over the years. This ones Adorable!!! Have a great day!! ... Donna

  5. Love the little light, hard to believe what you can do with a can!


  6. Hi Ann, thanks so much for commenting on my blog....I hope you have a safe trip here to Wisconsin and wish we could get together.
    Enjoy your ball game!

    We still haven't been to the Gingerbread House...been so busy but will get there soon.


  7. That is too cute. Thanks for sharing with us, Valerie

  8. Now this is just as sweet and as clever as can be. Thanks for the idea.


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