Monday, August 22, 2011

Halloween Stitchin'

Like so many of you, my Prim Friends, Fall is my favorite season.  I thought it time that I put backings on my stitchings and get them grunged up ready to decorate my Halloween Tree.

"I'm Wicked" a freebie from: I finished mine with large orange Ric Rac in the seams.
"Hallow's Eve" is a freebie from a while back.  The Chart is compliments of Primitive Betty and she was kind enough to republish the chart for us all:

"Crows" - a freebie from Primitive Bettys: Betty has lots of free patterns on her picture trail - Thanks again Betty!
I used DMC 422 - Yellow
DMC 310 - Black
DMC 433 - Light Brown
DMC 838 - Dark Brown
DMC 937 - Green

"October 31 Pincushion" from Stacy Nash Primitives - this isn't a freebie - sorry!

"Halloween" can be found in the September/October 2009 issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine

"Boo" is also a freebie from Sandra at which is her blog for Homespun Elegance. 

Let me share a couple of new decorations that I've picked up...  

At Bath and Body I saw this Frankenstein tea light holder and while he isn't primitive at all, I will find a place for him somewhere in our house.  Why did I buy him you ask?  Our last name is Frank.  No I do not have a collection of Frankenstein items, but one mixed in with our decorations will be tolerable.  

Have a good week.  ~Ann


  1. Ann,
    You are so darn talented!!
    I wish I could stitch.
    Ive tried but just cant seem to get it.
    Always love seeing your creations.
    Love your adorable new Halloween goodies too!

  2. I love everything!!! You are a very talented stitcher. Wish I had the patience for cross stitch. I am glad that Fall is almost here as it is my favorite time to decorate.


  3. let us know where the "unknown " freebies came from. i love Betty's freebies . i stitched several. denise

  4. Wowsers!! I've been a follower of your basket blog, but didn't know you had this one too!! LOVE it!!! Your stitcheries are AWESOME and suit my taste to a t!! I even have that same JOL with hat decoration!! How fun!!! I would really, really, love to know what flosses and colors you used on Betty's "Crow" cross-stitch freebie. I printed out the pattern and was going to stitch it up, but saw so many wonderful variations I confused myself....But I'm really loving yours....Thanks for your visit to my blog - tried to reply to your comment, but, apparently, you're a "no-reply" blogger...anyway - wanted to let you know that Cathy does not have a blog or a website - there is a site called "Red Barn Rugs" but it isn't hers....If you are really looking for her new cat rug pattern, let me know and I can send you her email and/or phone....Thanks! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Love your little stitcheries Ann....and thank you so much for sharing the links. I saw a few on Betty's site that would work for what I do...I think hooking a rug from one of the patterns would be awesome.


  6. I love every single stitchery that you made. I need to kick myself in high gear and get a couple made up :)

    Here's to a wonderful week!

  7. Ann, the Boo is a freebie from Homespun Elegance's blog. It should still be on her blog. I stitched it last year. I love all your stitcheries. I would also like to know the colors you used in the Crow freebie by Primitive Betty's.

  8. I love the pumpkin with witch's hat. Do you know what brand that is? I love Halloween decorations.

  9. Love all of your stitcheries, they are so nice. Halloween? I need to get busy!


  10. hi, Ann~
    Beautiful stitches!! love the Halloween!
    Girl you are talented, with a capital "T"
    come visit my blog~ I have some of your goodies on there~ just love your baskets, I want more~~~ maybe Christmas~ giggles~
    have a wonderful day~

  11. Love all the freebie patterns. My sister just brought me the same pumpkin with the party hat that you have. I love it!!!


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