Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Take the Quiz....

If you took a trip to Shipshewana Indiana, home of the large Shipshewana Flea market, which group would you buy.......

3 bouncy balls
1 squishy ball with annoying blinking light
1 pair of knock off sunglasses
1 very cool squirt gun (orange tube)

same as choice A without any sunglasses and
this squishy ball's blinky light is defective 

2 pairs of Fiskars scissors
2 packs of saw tooth picture frame holders
3 packs of eye hooks
8 tea cup hooks
Dremel sanding pads
2 shims for hammers
Hacksaw blades

4 pieces of Pfaltzgraff Folk Art dishes
2 rusty jar lids
1 roll rusty wire
2 knock off Switch Flops straps 
If you said A, B or C you can go with me to the Flea Market anytime you want!  If you said D I will have to fight you for the Folk Art!
Our boys had never been to the Flea Market before so for about 3 hours today we walked the aisles of socks, tee-shirts, garden art, more socks, knock off purses, knock off sunglasses, Avon and more socks.  
Of course we had to let Dad shop at the vendors that had hardware store type stuff.  I do have to admit that I will benefit from most of what he bought - the picture frame holders and eye hooks for sure.

Shadow was glad that he didn't have to go....

Have a good week! ~Ann

P.S.  One of annoying blinky squishy balls just had the "handle" break off - good thing that's not what I bought!


  1. Hey how did you get that picture of my cat? I would probably pick number 3 so I can go with you. Although the balls look fun too.

  2. Ha, ha!!! I was just at Shipshewana last week with my 16 yr. old grandson and he bought a knife. Go figure! I am going back again next week with lady friend and my daughter. I wholesale to A Thankful Heart. How nice to visit a blog in the neighborhood.


  3. I'll definitely pick the one to go with your too - love rummanging at flea markets - the thrill of the find! Your kitty looks way too comfortable!

  4. I'd definetly pick D too!!! Looks like it was lots of fun though! I LOVE the pic of your cat!! Too cute!

  5. Hey, I have to ask...what are Sierra's????

  6. Oh darn, I had written something and guess I forgot to click and lost it.....

    I'd have to pick D and there would be a bit of a tug of war going


  7. Hi Ann,
    Guess we cant go together.

    I picked D

    Great post!

  8. Well, guess I couldnt go with you without ending up in a fight...haha...I love all that Pfaltzgarff Folk Art.I have never seen that square piece anywhere. Oh man I wish I hadnt sold so much of my collection years ago when I got sick. Its taking forever to build up my collection again. Good for you !!! Nice haul!

  9. Too bad you are not closer to Mass....I have a box of Folk Art Pfaltzgarff in my attic. I have been using my white heritage and Bennington for years now. I love all your baskets!


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