Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finished Rugs

Over a month ago, I shared my latest rug hooking project with you.  I actually finished the hooking shortly thereafter, but didn't get the binding done until this last weekend.  Why do I always do that?  Finish a project - or almost finish a project and then leave it sit for several weeks.  ARGH!  

I am happy with how my saltbox house rug turned out.  Now to find a place to display it....

Over  a year ago, I found this lid from a basket or crate in a primitive store in Upstate NY.  I was drawn to the patina and the crack in the middle stave.  What to do with this?  I wasn't sure, but knew that eventually a project would come up that I could use it in. 

I simply drew my lettering on the backing and started hooking.  The brown is from a pair of pants that I found at GW.  I love the texture of this wool - it has a very subtle variation in it - no need to overdye.  Unfortunately, I have used all this wool now :(

The lid now forms the perfect mat for my hooking.  I still need to attach the hooking to the wood - I'm stumped if you have any ideas you can share with me......

Can you believe next week is November?  Where is our fall going?
Hope you are having a good week. 


  1. Great hooking projects! So envious as I don't know how to hook!

  2. Your rugs turned out great, Ann!! I know how you feel about is my least favorite part of rug hooking. I just last night finished binding the cat/pumpkin rug that I finished a little over a week ago.

  3. love both mats and love how you encorporated that lid..genius!! :)

  4. Those look amazing!! Great job! I'm sure the furry children would love this on the dry sink by the window.....just to look at of course!!

  5. I love your rugs! Great lid, not sure how to tie it together though. Hope to see what you come up with.

  6. Hi Ann,
    Your rug is wonderful, the colors are perfect, don't you love finding a treasure at your local GW?? Wools are a little harder to find in my neck of the woods, but I keep trying. Your rug would look great hanging on the wall, would some tea stained hug snug or other primitive ribbon look appropriate attached to the back and then up the sides and hang on an old broom handle or hickory stick?? Don't laugh I used to have an old sampler mounted on a piece of oak that hung on the wall and everyone loved it......LOL .
    Enjoy the rest of October, yes indeed time is fleeting.

  7. love it!! i've got to learn how to hook. denise

  8. hi, Ann~ wonderful job on both~ pretties~ the primitive one is my fav~ love you used the lid for it!!!Great idea~
    kitty kisses sent from Pumpkin Pie~

  9. Beautiful rugs Ann!! I suffer from a severe case of finish phobia myself - although I do enjoy binding rugs....And love your backing for the "Primitive" rug....I would attach it using velcro (sew velcro to the back of the rug and glue the opposite velcro piece to the lid.....Otherwise, a thin piece of carpet tacking (you know those strip of wood with tacks sticking up?) could be attached to the lid, and then the rug will stick to that - it may, though, be too thick and you might be able to see it depending on where you choose to hang it - that's why velcro would be my first choice.....Good luck! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Ahh, I love the rug Ann :-) My kinda colors. Great idea for the old basket top. They both look primtastic!

  11. Love these rugs Ann! I procrastinate finishing up projects too . . . can't wait to start the next one and the poor abandoned piece sits waiting to be finished.

    Your baskets are gorgeous. I made/sold baskets for about 10 years. Looking at yours makes me want to soak some reed :)

  12. Great mat for your finished rug. I love salt box homes. I can't believe you can make rugs like that. My projects have to be able to be done in 3 hours or less or they just don't ever get done. Great job. -Steph-


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