Sunday, October 16, 2011

I love Etsy!

Since opening my own Etsy shop in January, I've sold many baskets, but more importantly I've found some new friends on Etsy.  These friends are fellow Etsy artisans who create wonderful items that I just can't seem to live without.  
This adorable little pumpkin head box is my latest acquisition.  I purchased him from Susan at
I had admired him for a couple of days, saw that he had a few other admirers and decided I just couldn't wait any longer to purchase him. 

I ordered him mid week and he arrived yesterday.  Too bad for me since I was gone from about 6:30 am until 7:30 pm last night.  I knew he was sitting in the box just begging to get out!     
He arrived all wrapped up in tissue paper - it made me feel like I was getting a present.

 Inside the box is a cute little pumpkin nest!  Susan didn't mention this part in her Etsy listing.  There are 2 little cinnamon pumpkins and a cute Halloween tag all snug in an excelsior nest.  

Susan's attention to detail is perfectly prim.  My photos don't do justice to how perfect this little set is.  The box is grained over 2 coats of contrasting paint.  The inside of the box is painted as well.  The pumpkin is so cute - antique buttons for eyes, a twig stem and the little leaf that is whip-stitched on.   

Graby knew that the tissue paper was really for him, he's already made off with the ribbon Susan tied it with.  

I can't wait to see what other wonderful creations Susan makes for Thanksgiving?  Christmas?  Winter? Susan.......?
Thank you Susan!

Have you tried these new M & M's?  YUM!!!  White chocolate candy corn flavor.  Our daughter came home with 2 bags of these and they are nearly gone.  

We have 2 orchestra concerts - the high school is this afternoon - our daughter, and tomorrow night the boy's have theirs for junior high.  Can't wait to hear them - our youngest is just starting and of course has to be different than his siblings - no violin for him.  He chose to play the bass.  There's always one in the crowd isn't there?  He had to pick the largest instrument possible - the bass hardly fits in my van!

Have a great week.  ~Ann


  1. that is just the cutest thing. i love it!! denise

  2. Oh I can see why it needed to come to your house - just wonderful - and all those little extras and details - How sweet! Graby is too funny - they know exactly what they want to claim! joanne

  3. LOVE HIM!!! BUT I am off to find those M&Ms!!!! OLM

  4. Oh he is adorable!!! And what a treat to find the treasure inside. LOL at Graby. Looks like he got a gift too!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Hi Ann,
    Love your newest goody!
    And love Etsy too!!
    Everytime I get on there I wish I would hurry up and win the lottery because there is so much I want!! :)
    I have to try the candy corn mms.
    Sounds yummy!
    Have a great Sunday,

  6. How adorable is that little fella!

    Haven't tried the new m&m's yet but I have seen them in the store. I love candy corn and Dear Hubby loves chocolate. It would be perfect!

  7. Oh Ann!! That is just the cutest stinking thing I've seen in a long, long, time!! I adore it!! Now I want one!! ;o) Nope - haven't tried those m&m's - and don't even recall seeing them in the store (although I did see the coconut ones....) Looks like I have some shopping to do...hmmmm...think Etsy first.... Wishing you a wonderful Sunday....have fun at the concerts! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Ann ~ I love the box you bought on Etsy!! Susan did a great job of going the extra mile to make your purchase memorable and very special. I will definitely keep checking out her creations.

  9. I am a new follower, but I love the pumpkin! He is cute! Love finding new blogs, there's so many out there! LOL! Have a great day, I like your baskets too!

  10. Not to my surprise, I already had Susan hearted. Anxious to see what else she whips up for the holidays. Graby is like our kit kats and goes for the papers and boxes.

  11. Ann
    Cute pumpkin head box, the wrapping is so cute~ but the kitty is just adorable!!!
    M&M's oh,no I haven't tried them yet~ look what you've done now I have to run out & get some~ I LOOVE M&M's always a bowl full at the home!!( sometimes empty too soon as I am cleaning the home & grabbing them up as I go by!!giggles
    have a nice day~

  12. Hi Ann,
    Your latest purchase is awesome, I checked out her Etsy shop and it is indeed wonderful. Great creations.I definitely need some of those M&M's!

  13. Ann, That is the cutest little pumpking guy! Lucky you to snag him!



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