Saturday, October 22, 2011

Me A to Z and They Scare Me!

A - age - 44 for a few more days

B - bed size - Queen

C - Chore you hate - putting away clean clothes, I really don't mind the actual laundry!

D - Dog - NO!  Your dog is fine but I do not want a dog.

E - essential to start your day - coffee in my favorite mug

F - Favorite color - hmm....that's hard, Cranberry & Navy

G - gold or silver - gold wedding rings, don't wear much other jewelry, I wash my hands too many times during the day at school. 

H -  height - 5'4"

I - instruments I play,  since elementary school I've played in a church bell choir, several years of piano and French Horn in High school

J - job  Mom, wife, basketweaver, crafter and aide for multiple handicapped children

K - kids - 17 year old daughter
14 & 11 year old boys
2 crazy cats

L - I Live in Ohio

M - make of car -  Chevy Uplander Van

N - nickname - don't have any. I'm really not into nicknames. My boys are Matthew and Daniel - not Matt & Dan - and everyone knows their names. 

O - overnight in hospital - yes 3 times for kids and in jr. high I was in for several days for severe dehydration

P - pet peeves - hypocritical people.

Q - favorite movie quote "If you had behaved in a more gentlemen like manner"  Elizabeth Bennett to Mr. Darcy/Pride and Prejudice

R - Right or Left handed - 100% Right

S - siblings - 2 older brothers, 1 younger sister I could not live without

T- favorite TV shows:
White Collar
Brisco County (early 1990's)
early X-Files

U - underwear  - Yep -everyday!  The only thongs in this house are worn on feet.

V- Veggies I hate:
Brussel sprouts
lima beans
I'm sure there are others!

W - what makes you late - nothing!  I can't stand lateness.

X - x-rays, once a year at the dentist & the dreaded mammogram

Y - yummy food you make:
hot ham & salami sandwiches
homemade pizza
mashed potatoes

Z - zoo animal - giraffe

Something that scares me - spiders.  I hate them.  When we lived in our first house, it was built on a slab.  The spiders would come in the house at night when my husband was at work and our kids were little.(no one available to kill them!)  He would come home to find over turned glasses or bowls in the living room trapping a spider that he needed to kill.  I also used to lift the edges and spray Windex on them!  

Did you learn anything about me?


  1. Hi Ann,
    I am cracking up about the spiders, because that is something I do. I won't squish them, that grosses me out.

    Autumn blessings,

  2. Love it Ann....I didn't mind spiders so much till I met the ones in those were ones of a different color (size and temperament!!) YIKES....Have a blessed Sunday...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. I learned lots about you! I hate spiders - I can smack them with my shoe, but can't step on them - does that make any sense? Don't know what it is - maybe the fear that I will miss and they will jump on me and run up my leg?

  4. Ann, What a great idea for your post. Yes, I learned several things about you and found it very interesting...and I hate spiders, too. After I hit one with whatever I can find, I run away!!

  5. Ann, thanks for sharing! Love to get to know everyone better!!! OLM

  6. Hi!!! I just found your blog and I think it's going to be fun to get to know you better. I just made you 400 followers. That's amazing. -Steph-


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