Friday, May 18, 2012

A basket for me and A basket for you!

Stopped at my first garage sale of the summer yesterday.  Glad I did!  Mixed in with several China baskets I spied this gem.  

Made from ash this basket features 3 blue rows and a hand carved handle.  The handle is worn smooth and feels like silk in my hand.  

The bottom of the basket looks moldy in this photo, but it's really scorch marks - love it!  Was it sitting on a wood stove sometime in its past?   


At the same sale, I picked up this antique wooden bowl.  These pictures are after I cleaned it up a little.

The bottom of the bowl has several surface cracks in it - just the way I like them - nice and prim. 


If I don't find any more treasures all summer, for the $5.00 I spent on these 2 I won't be able to complain.

Be sure to visit my 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets blog and sign up for the basket I'm giving away.  There's a link to this blog on my right sidebar.  

Have a great weekend.


  1. Looks like you found some real treasures! Enjoy!

  2. JEALOUS!!!!! WOW!!!!! best $5.00 you ever spent. lol

  3. I'm sometimes amazed at the quality things people get rid of. You rescued two wonderful treasures!!--Jan

  4. Love your findings!!! Both are great.

  5. Oh wow!! Great finds!!!

    Love that bowl!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  6. The bowl is beautiful! Great finds!~Amy

  7. You lucky THANG! LOVE them both! And for $5 - yikes....SCORE!! I believe I could go to garage sales here for the rest of my days and not find one comparable treasure.....Every year I get excited for the season, and after a month or two of baby clothes and left-over Avon inventory, I just give up.... :o( Happy Weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Nice find. I would have quickly snatched those up myself. Glad they found a good home.

  9. Wow what a find! Love them both and the patina is amazing on both of them

  10. wow,what a find! lucky you. denise

  11. Ann ~
    Congrats on your new/old treasures!!!
    Happy weekend.
    Hugs :)

  12. Great finds!!

    Enjoy your weekend~Becky

  13. That bowl is really beautiful. What great treasures you found. It's the thrill of finds like these that keep us going back. I am so excited for you. Have a great weekend. -Steph-

  14. What fabulous finds! I love that wooden bowl! WOW!

  15. hi, Ann~ wonderful finds~ you have an eye for the goodies~
    have a great weekend~

  16. Wow!! What a great bowl! The basket for $1 is a deal but $4 for the bowl is outstanding!

  17. Ann, What great baskets!! You know my weakness for old baskets (and new ones, LOL) I want to follow you where you shop!

    Thanks for sharing your treasures.



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