Saturday, May 5, 2012

Can Cats Have Heart Attacks?

If they can have heart attacks, this little gray cat is going to have one today.  Can you tell from this photo how tense he is?  

 There is a stare down going on, his tail is whipping back and forth and he's shaking. 
 Mama Robin decided to build her nest in the honeysuckle vine outside our kitchen.  You can see that a chair was thoughtfully placed right next to the window for Shadow's viewing pleasure.  Not sure he's going to survive, it's just so tantalizing to have this nest so close.   
I'm really not sure how great of a spot she chose.  Our cats do not go outside, but there are neighborhood cats that come to our backyard and Mama is only a few feet off the ground.  Where is Frito you may ask? Not at all interested in Mama, he's taking his morning nap upstairs.  

My next hooking project is a design as I go.  I've amassed a nice collection of browns/taupes/tans/creams for a table runner.  I have overdyed, as is and recycled wool in this piece.  

I'm thinking it will be 2 blocks (I would prefer 3, but my bench is not that wide) by 5 blocks and then I'll hook some solid rows at the ends.  The only constant is the black middle of each square.  
Have a great weekend.


  1. I am seriously laughing out loud at your poor kitty! Reminds me of my Callie who sits by the sliding door all day "chasing" birds. Then at night, it's bugs. They ar such good entertainment!

  2. Poor kitty.At least he has entertainment.At our house it's squirrels and the dogs being drove to the brink of the browns and neutrals in the hooking project.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Ann ~
    Gray kitty is pretty intent for sure.
    Sweet little hooked mat. I'm sure it will be perfect on your bench!
    Hugs :)

  4. Mmmm...... lovin' the colors in your rug!

  5. Lol, I hope kitty calms down before long! He's gonna wear himself out!! :-)

  6. O poor Shadow looks like his eyes are gonna pop out of his head ! Fudge does same thing how funny they are ! Speaking of lil birdies ...I had one leave a rather large Surprise on my porch today ...Ann Im speechless its gorgeous you shouldn't have..I could never express how thankful I am or how much I LOVE IT ! Thank you ! Enjoy your weekend ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  7. Ann that cat cracks me up!!!!
    What a great shot!

  8. Lol, silly kitty. Mine loves to sit in the windows and watch the bees buzz by. He also sits by the front door and watches the "porch kitties" who are also his cousins and siblings, thouh I'm not sure he remmbers them. I'm thinking of putting up a bird feeder near a window as I don't think we get too many in the yard as there are no low bushes. Your runner will be beautiful. I love simple designs.

  9. Oh yeah, they can look intense. He stills looks gorgeous even though he too intense... lol.
    Your rug is gorgeous too :o)

  10. Oh my Shadow is certainly intent - I know the "tail" thing! Watch out if anything gets in his way! Great start on your rug!

  11. Shadow is a beautiful cat...

    Love your new project, Ann! I love the colors you are using and can't wait to see the finished product!

  12. Ann~ Great captures~ So is Shadow sleeping it off~ giggles~ just so pretty love his colors~ big old bad egg he is~ mine were wound for sound this morning~ okay really it was all night I don't think they slept~ they were gazing out the windows at the Moon and all the creatures around the homestead~ then they started running up & down the steps around 3am ~ I was like Boys I need some shut eye~ giggles~
    Gotta love the kitty's
    have a great day

  13. Oh! Your Shadow is a beauty and so is your rug, Ann. It will make a perfect topper for your bench!


  14. It's so fun to watch cats do what they do. Our cat watches the birds in the trees so intently too. She doesn't go outside either, but she stalks every window in the house. The colors for you project are very pretty.

  15. Oh Shadow Kitty!! What a perfectly furry little ball!! I have a real soft spot for those long-haired puties.....And, yes, they can have heart attacks, so, perhaps you should move his chair! ;o) Your mat is beautiful, Ann - I love those colors - and the old quilt designs always hook up so wonderfully. It will be perfect on an old bench! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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