Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Treasures from the Show

In my last post, I'd mentioned that I would share what I came home with from the Gathered Treasures show in Mansfield.  I've been slightly tardy in sharing with you.  Baseball is in full swing (ha ha) in our house and with 2 boys playing on 4 teams we're running here and there.  

I spied this wonderful basket in the booth across the aisle from mine when we were setting up our booth on Friday afternoon.  The owners of the booth were completely set up and gone before we arrived so I had to wait it out until Saturday morning to see if the basket was still there.  
Fits in great with my collection of antique baskets - and it's just the way I like them - worn and not perfect.

From Alice I purchased some wonderful as is wool.  The top piece is my favorite.
I did not buy this wool to be a cat bed!

 I repeat, this wool is not a cat bed!

 I also purchased some wool pieces that Alice hand dyes.  The middle 2 pieces are green and the bottom are oranges.  The colors are not showing up correctly.
 Linda (you know...Linda!) and I swapped, this is my haul from her.

And Angie (you know....Raggedy Angie!) gifted me this swan that she made from a feedsack.  Angie - it looks great on this old wooden box.  Thank you.  Be on the look out for a box coming your way this weekend!
 Sitting and waiting for baseball games to start gives me a little free time - just enough time to pull loops through and hook up this little cat.  It's a design from Robin of Bird in the Hand Primitives.  Now I need to hook something with an orange cat!


  1. AWWW shouldnt have ....lots of great goodies :0) ...Princess and I love your pretty kitties ...and I love the lil hooking you did so cute !I agree the swan looks good on the box ! and FYI I gave your name to Ben Ashby from FOLK in re to Springfield ....told him I didnt think he could find a better basket anywhere! Enjoy the week ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  2. hi, Ann~ Love the antique basket~ also wonderful kitty cat bed, giggles~ they are so cute~ good kitty cats~ giggles~

  3. Wow what a treasure trove of great loot! Oh and the wool - good luck keeping the kitties away from it - mine seem to think it's brought in the house for them!

  4. Nice goodies but the basket is beautiful.

  5. Love all of your treasures - and it was so nice of you to buy your fluffies a nice, new bed!

  6. Your basket is probably Cherokee. It originally had two lids, you can see the remnants of the hinge holes in the handle.

  7. Hi Ann ~ glad you and your kitty like the wool! My cat is never happier than when he's snuggled up in the wool on my work table!! Love your antique basket ~ good find!! It was great to meet you and hope we get to see each other again! And your little cat mat is cute, too ~ good job!!!

  8. Ann ~
    I'm still sorry I couldn't make the show :(
    Great goodies! LOVE the buttocks basket!
    Your kitty rug is just too sweet. Robin has some wonderful designs.
    Pug hugs :)

  9. Oh Ann, you've got me oohing and ahhing over everything in your post. Even the kitty kats :o) Are you gonna sell your hooked rugs too?

  10. made quite the haul! Love them all!

  11. What a wonderful old basket! Great goodies, looks as if you had a very good time!

  12. Beautiful gifts! The cat didn't ruin the wool with her nails? She's well-behaved! :-)


  13. Hope the cat has survived!lol Love that basket! I, too enjoy the used worn ones.

  14. Yikes....How did I get so far behind here? (So sorry....) Wow - some wonderful new treasures....that basket is awesome! (Gee, I didn't know you liked baskets!) ;o) And LOL re the kitties - I tell everyone my rugs are hooked with 90% wool, and 10% cat hair. Angie's swan looks PERFECT as you've displayed it....Doesn't get much better than that! And love your little hooked kitty!!! orange kitty you say? I think I have a design I haven't hooked yet from Margaret Shaw that features an orange kitty.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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