Saturday, February 16, 2013

Finally a Finish

 I decided it was WAY past time to dig this piece out of my basket and finish it!  I stalled on it back when school started - I was debating putting in the date.  Several of you weighed in on the date debate - I appreciate your comments.  My friend Lauren, of Rugs and Pugs advised me to remove the numbers, which I did.  

I am happy with the piece as it turned out, thank you Lauren!  I decided that Lauren and I were together when I bought the pattern so I'd follow her advice.  

This pattern is from Wendy Miller of The Red Salt Box, called Easy Floral.  

The same day I purchased this pattern too - Posies in the Middle by Humble Rugs.  I've put in a few strips.....

I've been on Pinterest, studying rugs for color inspiration.  I am using different values of wool for the 3 rows in each tongue.  I've found several rugs with more of a hit and miss tongue and they are very nice.  I just can't do all sorts of different colors, I need the order of only a few colors - that's my personality!

I want a dark background for this one - I'm not sure there will be enough of a contrast between the tongues and the background - I may be doing some reverse hooking.  (groan!)  I know I'm taking out the centers of the flowers - way too light - I think......  

Hope you are staying warm this winter - it's typical NW Ohio weather here;  it snows and then warms up and melts it.  Only to repeat the process again.  



  1. Ann ~
    Your memory is way better than mine (since you're still a young pup!). It was so long ago I don't remember responding but I must say, the rug came out terrific!!! So sweet. Your new rug is lookin' good, too.
    The weather is the same here in northern Ohio. We got a covering this afternoon. I do hope that is all we get.
    Keep on hookin'!
    Hugs :)

  2. Ann...I think I've done as much "reverse hooking" as "hooking"! It's just part of the process. Both of your rugs look so nice! Lauren has a good eye for color and contrast. She was helping me with my rug at Sauder. It's been a blizzard here in Michigan. Another 30+ car pile up on south bound I-75...gonna stay in! Have a cozy, wool-filled evening!!

  3. I like it. I don't hook so I doubt that my opinion is worthy but I think a gray tweedy background would look nice with rusty flowers. Your basket finish is really nice.

  4. I like how it turned out! The one with the posies is going to be a nice one too!

  5. Evening, I also love how the rug turned out, beautiful and love the colors, Lauren`s a sweetheart.......Blessings Francine.

  6. I like your colors and the finish.

  7. very nice indeed, I like it better without the date.

  8. your friend was right- it looks better without the date :) a lovely rug, great work!

  9. Oh that Lauren is one smart cookie! :-) It looks less cluttered without the date. And, your next project is hooking up great too! Leave all the colors there until you get a background going... sometimes colors change when other color is put next to it.

  10. Good advice from Lauren :) I love the muted colors myself. Not the multi-colored and that's just me.
    You're doing wonderfully so far, just as I suspected you would :)


  11. What a great finish - I love the red, and the dark background.

  12. Ann It is sooo pretty~ great work~
    gotta love Ohio~ the best thing with February you can feel that sun warming a bit~ little bit longer days~ giggles~ a bit!!!

  13. Beautiful finish! Love the colors and the design, Ann!

    Oh gosh girl, that is exactly why I could never do needle punch, LOL! I would NEVER be able to decide on colors and would be re-doing more than I get done, haha. So far it looks wonderful!

  14. I love your floor!.....I can't see my hubby and I putting one in....
    I am the picky one! rug hooking looks great, too! I have done a few things and I never put the binding on them.....Maybe one of these days I will get them done and start on something else.

    Bear Hugs~Karen


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