Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I don't like perfect

Our kitchen floor is made from pine.  Pine boards from Home Depot.  Plain Pine Boards.  

 I hand picked each board - my husband dug through and pulled out boards for my approval.  You will see the knots in the boards - they are all Number 2 quality.  I don't like Number 1 - I didn't want a perfect floor!  

I will tell you this floor was rather a battle between us.  My husband likes perfect.  He ofcourse would have chosen the Number 1 boards.  Since he couldn't do that, he spent quite a bit of time in preparation.  He put a tongue and groove in each board, planned a layout and nailed all the boards in place through the tongue so there would be no nails visible.  

Then came the finishing - no one was allowed to help.  He put on the gel stain by himself to get it perfect.  We used the color Pecan from Olde Century Paints.  

The floor looked perfect for some time - and then life happened.....

In front of the fridge where everyone stands, the stain/varnish have worn off

Our pivot spot,  coming off the carpet from the living room where we turn the corner to go to the basement or into the kitchen.  

 I wanted reproduction nails in the floor.  My husband wanted no part of nails in his perfect floor.  I don't nag, however every couple months I'd mention something about nails.  After letting him think about it for about a year the nails went in.  It was a family affair.  I had to drill the pilot holes exactly where I wanted each nail and the boys helped Dad pound them in.  Everytime the hammer hit the floor, Dad cringed and Mom grinned.  I LOVE the various marks in our floor.  
I will admit this floor isn't for everyone - especially if you like perfect.  If you don't like scrubbing on your hands and knees, this floor isn't for you.  I don't mop - afraid of too much moisture, it's on my knees using a well rung out rag.  I do have to vacuum out the spacing between the boards.  And there are places where there is spacing - not much but enough to collect crumbs.  


A little progress on my hooking....our youngest is on his second day out of school.  We've never had one of our kids this sick.  Dr. said he was on his way to pneumonia when we took him in.  He hasn't moved off the couch and wants me sitting at the other end with him.  Thank goodness he "lets" me work on this! 

I need to do a little reverse hooking in the bottom right corner.  I dont' like the backwards letter R.  It's not supposed to be, just how the wool hooked up.  I'll never see anything but that R so it's coming out.  (Ok, so I don't like perfect in floors, but my crafting is a different story!)



  1. I love your floor!!! I know very well what you deal with with hubby wanting perfection in the wood. I deal with that all of the time. Hubby wants to make something perfect and then I go and ding it all up.We had a pine floor that we put down in our old home Back East.We used wide pine and we also used square nails. It was beautiful! I so loved looking at yours. Enjoy. ~Sara

  2. Oh no. Need I say more????? He's on his way home from work and off to the wood guy we're going. Well, that was the plan! I need an aspirin or two. LOL about the R!

  3. I love your floor too :)
    Big hugs x

  4. Love,love,love your floor!I have been trying forever to get my husband to agree to pine flooring,so far no luck.Hope that your son feels better soon!The rug is beautiful.Hugs,Jen

  5. I would love to have floors like that!

  6. Oh my goodness....this actually could have been my post....(well, except for the hooking - I haven't gotten any of that done in half of forever and no one would believe I have....) But, we have pine floors too - they were here when we moved in 25 years ago. My husband always wanted to replace them with hardwood. I said no. He gave up on that and then at least wanted to "refinish" them. I said no again. And over the years, they've worn - and contain all the marks of a well-earned life....the marks from Sunday dress shoes in front of my son's changing table when he was a baby, the dings from cans falling out of the frig, skid scratches from the huskey that chased our cat, and a million other memories. And, yes, I have to vacuum the cracks too, and wash it on my hands and knees. Wow. Too uncannily similar....and here I thought ours was "one of a kind!." :o) Thanks for sharing. (And, hey, I kinda like the backwards "R"....) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (Hope your son feels better soon - whatever is going around is me, I know....)

  7. Yaye! You got your nails! lol, and yes, the nails look fabulous, love the imperfect floor, itgives it such charm!!

  8. I love your floor! My husband is the same way with having things perfect. He cringes when I sand the edges of something I have painted. The nails are so cool too, great taste!!

  9. really love your floor, 3 of my ceilings look just like that. would love to do the whole house like that.
    hope your boy feels better quickly.
    I agree ditch the "R".

  10. Ann - The floor in my studio is identical to yours - great taste we have, huh? I really wish I could have talked hubby into using random width boards instead of having them all the same, but still I'm happy with the way it turned out. Glad you've been able to get some rug hooking done and I hope your son improves soon - it's no fun being sick!

  11. Evening, love the floor so much, don't do perfect either and your nails are wonderfully too, Francine.

  12. Hi Ann, I love, love your floors, they are right up my ally. I like them the way you do, I wouldn't want them perfect. But they are prim perfect. Love your rug hooking, you are just so talented! hugs, Lecia

  13. Ann ~
    Great floor! My house was built in 1940 so I have oak hardwood floors. Not what I would choose, but I'm at least happy to have wood!
    The rug is looking wonderful.
    May your son feel better soon.
    Hugs :)

  14. It's a job isn't it... lol. Sometimes harder than others, this marriage thing. I agree with you Ann on the imperfections. I just had a customer call them defects! She was not happy with a couple imperfections in her primitive wood craft?? I'm glad you held your ground :) Your floors look awesome!
    I hope your son gets better quick. I know having you there is a big help.
    I agree with Robin and like the backward R.


  15. Actually Ann, your floor is perfect:) -Steph-

  16. Good morning Ann,
    I LOOOOVE YOUR FLOOR and we also would do it like you...very primitive. That's what Pine floors are all about. We were talking about them for our kitchen when it's time to re-do. Can't wait. I just love the worn areas on yours.

    Oh...your's going to be the colors. I hear you about the would get to me as well.

    Hope your little one gets better fast.

  17. Great are so brave to just dive looks wonderful! Hope your little fellow is feeling better. Your rug is coming along nicely...I like the R as well.
    Have a great weekend,

  18. Love your floors!!

    Enjoy your day~Becky

  19. Love your floors. The worn marks are prim perfect!!!! I'm just not too keen on the hands and knees part. Lol. Hope you son feels better soon.I had a bad flu earlier in the season and it seem forever to get rid of, especially the cough. Love the rug.

  20. I'm with you, Ann...don't love perfect. I LOVE your imperfect floor, wear spots and all. Can't wait to see your finished rug...the colors are great!



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