Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rug Finish & A BAD CAT

 I just finished Posies in the Middle by Humble Rugs.  I picked up the pattern at The Rug Show at Sauder Village in August.  For some time, I've been debating the colors to use and how to handle the tongues.  I used 4 different golds for the tongue outline and 2 different wools for the middle row.  The middle row of each tongue is the same wool.  I'm happy with how this turned out.  

 The current home of this rug is on top of a standing cupboard in our dining room.  The funny thing is, both cats have decided they need to test it out as a sleeping spot.  Actually it's not funny - this story takes a BAD turn.....
If you have followed my blog for at least the last 6 months you know I had an egg basket with a broken handle. You can see the post about this basket HERE I finally fixed the basket back in June of 2012.  All was good.  
If you look closely at the photo above you will see the handle is broken - AGAIN - and to top it off, it broke in 2 completely different spots.  

 The broken handle......

I KNOW who did this.....

Look at that guilty face.....

Next, he tried to play the "I'm so cute" card.  It didn't work.  Frito, I know you knocked the basket off the cupboard and broke the handle.  

In a huff, he simply turned his back on me and

 proceeded to point his paw at someone else.....

The Graybinator!  Easily believed, but, for once completely untrue. 

Now I have to repair the basket again - thanks so much Frito.  

Have you been over to my basket blog?  I'm having a basket giveaway if you follow the link to the right.  Oh, and the basket doesn't have a broken handle!


  1. The first picture of Frito seems to say "So, and your point it?" Gotta love cats and their attitudes!
    Beautiful rug!!

  2. I love the way your rug turned out and I love all the golds. Enjoy it, it is beautiful. Poor Frito, don't be too hard on him ;) ~Nan

  3. Ann ~
    I just love your rug. I purchased a VERY similar pattern at the Sauder hook-in but can't decide on my tongue colors.
    Sweet kitty pics. Who me???
    Hugs :)

  4. Love your rug! How Beautiful!
    Awww, Frito looks so innocent.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Your rug is lovely. Very prim color choices which I love. And the kitty pics with captions are perfect!

  6. Love the rug and the colors as well! I'm sure the kitties had nothing what so ever to do with the broken basket handle!

  7. Hi Ann, I love your rug, it is so gorgeous! Now look at the kitties innocent face, Frito didn't break the basket, not a cute innocent face like that . hugs, Lecia

  8. Ann the rug is beautiful!Sorry about the basket but I am sure that Frito is innocent.LOL! Well either way the kitties are adorable.Hugs,Jen

  9. cute post!
    love the colors you used on the rug.
    thank goodness you are a basket maker and can repair your cats cut ups!

  10. Your dear Frito reminded me of my Riley kitty. He was a little stinker too..if I left any floss out, he would steal them. I love your rug and just became your newest follower. Look forward to getting to know you more, Janice

  11. I love the rug, as did the culprit! What a cute post.

  12. Oh my goodness, you just can't stay mad at those fur babies. Frito says he didn't do it on purpose... lol.
    I LOVE that rug! You did excellent, it's wonderful.


  13. Love the rug and the colors as well!
    Such a sweet post..
    Hugs x

  14. Oops! That face did look pretty guilty! Your rug looks great, I love the colors. The light centers in the flowers really give it a nice sparkle.

  15. Great rug, your color favorites! Sweet kitties!

  16. Ann, LOVE your finished rug!! The colors you have used are perfect! Can't be too mad at Frito...he's so cute.


  17. Love the kitties, even if they do get themselves into trouble. :) Love the rug as well.

  18. Oh no! I see the "face" on that Frito - I recognize it! LOL Too funny (well not for your basket) Your rug is wonderful! Love the color - i hooked something very similiar a few years back - and find that type of design fun to do - all the possibilities

  19. Oh no! Poor basket, poor kitties hehe! I hope they didn't get into to much trouble. Love the rug and the colors you used!

    Have a great week ahead Ann~


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