Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cross Stitch Pillow & A Redo

Isn't this a lovely green corduroy pillow? I purchased it this past summer at a garage sale for 50 cents. All 3 of my boys(2 little & 1 big - my sons & husband) told me it was really ugly! I told them just chill and wait. This afternoon I transformed it from this to this...the cross stitch in the middle is a freebie from online. I coffee stained the stitchery when complete. The strips around the stitchery are leftover from a quilt that I made for our bed. I used a log cabin pattern so I had lots of strips left and they are the perfect match to the colors in the cross stitch.

Now on the the Redo: This little shelf has been sitting in our basement for the almost 8 years we've lived in this house. My husband made it in shop class in high school. It was stained, which I didn't particularly like, so I asked if I could paint it. Why did I wait so long? He didn't care what I did with it! I painted it a dark charcoal and stained over that. I made the 3 miniature baskets, the top one is a Nantucket tea light holder, bottom right is a rib style egg basket and the other is a Shaker inspired design. Last March I bought a ton of handles, bases and wire from a gal that no longer wanted to weave. The base, handle & lid came together from her. I didn't have a pattern for this and had to think about how I wanted it for a while and I'm very happy with how it came out. Later on this Spring I'll stain the bottom 2 baskets, I usually only stain in the warmer months. I don' t like the smell and when I stain I usually do at least 24 at a time.

Have a great week. ~Ann


  1. Hi Ann,
    What a great pillow redo! I love the cross-stitch you did. And your shelf and baskets look wonderful.

  2. WOW - That pillow looks wonderful. You did an awesome job!! As goes for that shelf... I love it and your little baskets look GREAT on it.

  3. Ann~Your pillow is amazing! If those are the fabrics that you used on your bed quilt, then I bet it turned out fantastic too!
    Great shelf... your hubby did a great job making it and you did a great job making it prim!

  4. What a great job with the pillow! I always buy old pillows when I can find them to use for stuffing! Love the shelf makeover too!

  5. What a re-do!! Love the pillow!
    Your hubby's shelf turned out great...I am LOVIN' your baskets!!!!

    Great job on every thing!
    Have a wonderful day.


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