Monday, February 9, 2009

Decorating Idea

I thought I'd share with you a decoration that I have in my living room. We have 3 windows side by side in the front of the house. Above each window I glued 3 rusty stars. From the

photos you can see I used a large one in the center and smaller ones on the sides. I used hot

glue. When you want to remove them, heat with a hair dryer warming the glue and they

will come right off. I had to close the roman shades so the photo would come out right, but you can see the

spacing between the stars in this photo. All told this cost less than $15.00 and really

adds a neat look above the windows.


  1. Looks great. I love stars. I have so many of them around my home. Thanks for sharing!!

    ~ Lisa

  2. Great idea-that looks nice :) I do the same thing, well sorta... I use them when I have pictures to hang on the wall that need to be just a bit larger to fill a space, I just add the stars or sometimes hearts and it makes the picture area larger :)
    I use poster sticky stuff tho. It's like a silly putty holds great and just comes right off when you need to remove it. (Sorry I don't know the real name of the stuff.) its for hanging posters on walls-I use it for EVERYTHING tho!

    ya know what Ann....If you would have had a contest/giveaway for "OLDEST UFP" I would've WON! ;)LOL!

    Have a wonderful evening, Kath

  3. Hey Ann, I love that idea. I also have stars everywhere covering up the old country hearts (remember them?? LOL)Great idea! I may just try that.

  4. This is such a super idea!! Where in the world did you find such large stars?
    You can tell Kath that the stuff that she was talking about is called "Ticky Tack".
    Mind if I borrow the idea and implement it into my home?

  5. What a neat idea! I have one heavy star hanging above the windows in my living area but your idea would be so cute in my dining area! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Ann..thanks for visiting me! I have Pride and Prejudice too. I haven't seen it in quite a while, but I remember that I loved it too:) For some reason, though, I just cannot make it through the book. Which is rare for me...I always love the book more than the movie, but I've tried to read it several times and never complete it. Maybe this summer. But anyway, this is such a cute idea! I have lots of stars all around, but nothing like this. I may have to add it to my UFP list:)

  7. Hey that looks really good! I love stars & rust!

  8. Its looking fine, you can find more Decorating Idea Living Room here…..


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