Saturday, February 28, 2009

Took the Plunge: Selling Blog

I decided to start a selling blog today. There's a link to it on the left side of this posting. I'm featuring a couple of egg baskets that I made last month. I love egg baskets! The shape of them is just so unique and each one is an individual. I can never make them exactly alike, close but not exact. Both of the ones that I have listed turned out very differently, one's more compact and one is longer. Which one do I like better? It's like asking me if I love son #1 better than son #2. There's just room for both of them in my heart!
I am not limiting my selling blog to handwoven baskets, but I'm including other crafts that I like to do as well. I recently made several blackened beeswax candles with battery operated tea lights. I've listed these too.
Hope you are all having a good weekend.


  1. Oh boy! How exciting...I can't wait to go take a look-see ;)
    I wish you the best!!

    Enjoy your weekend, Kath

  2. Hi Ann, first off your blog is wonderful and your selling blog has so many beautiful things on it! Congratulations on opening it up.

    THANKS SO MUCH for visiting my Blog! And what a small world....we live close to Mukwonago and go there sometimes in the summer for the flea market.

    And oh yes, the Elkhorn Flea Mareket is wonderful. We've found lots of great things there.

    Come back and visit soon.

  3. Congrats...everything is just wonderful, I'll keep checking back:)

  4. Hey, Ann-- good look with the new venture! Looking forward to seeing everything! ~Terry

  5. Congrats on your selling blog. Your basket is beautiful. Best of luck in selling your items!!



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