Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Punchneedle Done!

I finally got this punch needle done. The pattern is in the August 2008 Create & Decorate. I started it in August, completed the rooster and then just left it. I included it in my Procrastinator's Challenge, one of the items that I wanted to finish up. I know what the problem was, I had to change floss colors so often for the pennies and I didn't want to do that! Am I wimpy or what? I can't believe that I don't have a frame waiting for this one, but none of the ones in my stash (which is getting low) seemed to work. We need garage sale weather! The background is still there, you can see where the tea staining ended. I've applied rubber cement to the background edges on the backside, but don't want to cut it off for any chance of fraying until I'm ready to frame it. I'm very happy with how this one turned out. I plan on it being in my kitchen. Speaking of Create & Decorate, how do you feel about that magazine? I let my subscription run out with the December issue. I've looked at them in Walmart since then, but haven't been tempted at all. I'm just disappointed with the projects. While they are neat, they just aren't my prim taste and don't even inspire any ideas that I could turn prim. I had subscribed for several years and got lots of neat ideas/projects from them, but as with most magazines I eventually grow tired of them.

We celebrated in school today with lots of goodies in honor of Fat Tuesday. The teachers lounge was overflowing with goodies and I ate way too much sugar. To top it off, the cafeteria was serving my favorite school lunch, creamed chicken sandwiches from Dairy Queen and cooked carrots. YUM! So not only did I eat all day, I also just had to eat lunch. I'll have to eat grapes and a yogurt for lunch tomorrow. ~Ann


  1. I love your stitchery! I do like Create and Decorate. I am still getting it but I know what you mean about the projects.

  2. I love your punchneedle. That's one thing I've never tried. That's one reason I don't subscribe to create & decorate ~ lots of punchneedle but not much stitching, cross stitching or prim sewing things. I usually glance through them & if it suits me I buy it. I love the free patterns in Mercantile Gathering. My favorite magazine by far. Have a great evening.

  3. Love your punch-needle!! I purchased the tool to do some, but haven't been brave enough to start one.
    I still get Create & Decorate, but I do feel that most of the projects have gotten away from the primitive look.

  4. I don't think I've ever bought a Creat and Decorate...there patterns just were things I didn't do. Like Pam said no stitching:)

    Love the punch needle you have done...I've never tried it:)

  5. I used to pick up Create & Decorate for the eye candy. Now I don't even think to look for it. It was fun while it lasted.

  6. Love your punch needle, I have never tried that... nor have I heard of Create & Decorate! What a sheltered life I live!

    Have a wonderful day.

  7. Hi Ann! I received your wonderful doll and I just LOVE it! I will be blogging about it very soon. THANK YOU!!

  8. Love punch needle project. I have one to finish up too. You are giving me inspiration to do so. I have some Create & Decorate magazines, but only buy the issues at the store which appeal to me. I too wish it was garage sale days. I have a lot to get rid of!

  9. The punch needle piece is FABULOUS! I love it!
    You did a wonderful job. So far, I have only made one little piece, but I love to do it.



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