Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring is 16 days away!

I don't know how the weather is where you are, but here in NW Ohio it's still COLD! At calendar time this morning we counted how many days are left until spring. A big cheer went up when we discovered it's not that many days away. Anything to celebrate or have a party in a kindergarten classroom! We now have the official countdown on the chalkboard. My hope is that it warms up in those 16 days. At least we were able to get outside for recess today, I'm sick of being in the classroom or the gym for recess.

Thinking ahead to Easter, Bunny Hugs is one of the UFO's that I finished up during my Procrastinator's Challenge. I waited to post it until now. It was a free pattern from online, but I can't remember where I got it, and I don't seem to have the papers, sorry.

The pillows were made by Joanne as one of her UFO's in the Procrastinator's Challenge - remember she won with over 2 dozen completed projects! (She has even more UFO's posted on her blog and she's updating us on her progress weekly.) These are simply the cutest Easter pillows.
I started cutting out a tote bag last night. Wow did I have help. Frito decided that pulling the pins out of the pattern was FUN! I couldn't keep them out of his mouth. I finally gave up and piled everything up and pulled it out again tonight while he was napping upstairs. When he was a little younger (he's 2 1/2 years old) he would pick up marbles and drop them down the stairs - we don't have carpet on either flight of stairs - and watch them clink down. This was a lovely sound at 2:30 am! Glad he never swallowed any of them. He's now given up on the marbles, but has taken to playing the piano. If we don't close the lid before we go to bed, he's composing in the middle of the night and usually the pieces are quite spooky! Stay warm and remember tomorrow there are only 15 days until spring! ~Ann


  1. Your cat is a genius...or very inquisitive!
    What a cutie pie!
    Yeah Spring...the count down is here at our home too!

  2. I did have to laugh when I read that Frito plays the piano at night and they are sometimes spooky:)I'll have to tell Michael about him, Michael is a converted cat lover, he has Isabella who wakes Michael up by licking his hair:) He went on line to see why his cat was doing this and found out it is one of the highest forms of love from a cat!
    Have a great evening,

  3. I am in southern Ohio, & it is getting warmer here. The sun comes out & smiles every once in a while. Your kitty is mischievous, which probably makes you love him all the more. Nice bunny.

  4. Ann i have a cat that looks like yours. Wow is he a hand full. He is only 1. He has orange eyes. He gets in bed with me and gets into my hair. And uses his claws, like i'm his mother cat. And he still has his claws. THat hurts. LOL He will also attack me if i try to play with him when he doesn't want to play. But i never know when that is until he grabs me. I sure hope he gets out of that. Was your orange tabby like that. And yes he love to play at night. Noisy.

    love your blog

    Hugs pam

  5. Ann, I love your baskets...I bet you sell many of them. I love punch needle and cross stitch too. You have many cute projects. I live closer to Findlay...but not that far away. Dianntha


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