Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Recycling at it's Best

This is the coolest recycling project ever! Arlette had this idea and posted the tutorial on her blog earlier this week. (Check out her blog, she has many, many, many great ideas for recycling - like "yarn" for rugs made from tshirts.) She took old blue jeans and cut off the hems and rolled them into a circle, adding pieces to get just the right size for a coaster or hot mat. Thanks Arlette for the cool ideas that you have. Last night I got out my stash of old jeans from the attic and proceeded to make several coasters. I really like the frayed look on these. I did make mine a little different, as I didn't cut off the leg seam, so I have areas that are a little thicker than others, but when they were done, I just squeezed them into the round shape. I haven't glued any felt to the bottom of them yet, I'll need to get some blue felt next time I'm at JoAnnes. They are perfect for our basement family room, we don't have any furniture down there that need coasters, but now we WILL be using coasters! I do have to admit to being a sap! As I was cutting the jeans apart I would hold up a pair and reminisce about that specific pair of jeans. I found pairs that were a little boy size 4 - now my boys are in sizes 10 & 12. I can't believe they were that little once. How fast they grow up on us. I love all the holes in the knees of the jeans - a blessing that I have 2 healthy active boys. Our daughter never blew any holes in her knees - guess she wasn't crawling around playing Legos and Imaginext like the boys.

Hope you too are enjoying warm weather, we left school today without any coats on - Yeah! ~Ann


  1. Ann, your coasters turned out great! I'm with you, I also like the look of the fraying hems. It really adds character to the coaster.

  2. Hi Ann, are you familiar with the Country Register? Here is the link to the Ohio one in case you are not familiar with it. http://www.ohiocountryregister.com/pages/currentissue.php Maybe there is a shop closer than you think - I'll keep my fingers crossed!!

  3. Ann, I know what you mean about kids growing up fast. I was cleaning out a closet a few weeks ago and found my children's baby blankets. They are in their early 30's now!! Can we say "pack-rat!" I couldn't bear to throw them out. Linda/The Wool Cupboard.

  4. Ann, You beat me to that one! I wanted to try some but all I could think of was ANOTHER project started. Do you have any felted wool? That would work for the bottom.


  5. Great idea! I may have to try it. I am a pack rat Too! I have clothes from both my girls....one is 31 and the other one is 21. I even have some wool jackets and skirts from when my Mom was young. LOL!


  6. I have to ask you about basket weaving and how do you do your custom color to make the perfect burgundy color?

  7. Nice Article. Keep it up. But I think this is copy of your topic recycling process.


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