Saturday, March 14, 2009

Easter Tree

Guess what I found in my craft cupboard? An Unfinished Project from one year ago! I started on these eggs last year, I got as far as stuffing them and then promptly quit. Several of you have the same problem I have, I don't like the pastel colors of spring and I just couldn't bring myself to paint them pastel colors. I decided that I must finish these so went ahead and painted them. I know these are BRIGHT. I'm not done, I stained them with coffee and baked them in the oven til dry and then strung them with fishing line to hang on my twig tree.

It's a little far to see the eggs and bunnies up close, but with this view you get the entire tree.

Up close of the bunnies (Tennessee Ridge pattern) and eggs. I do like them, not 100% in love with them, but they look good. I did add some twigs of soft yellow berries which adds some interest and another texture to the tree. The eggs look much better with the coffee stain, prim Easter Eggs. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. ~Ann


  1. I think the eggs look great! I need to get some made for myself....haven't decorated my tree for Spring yet.


  2. Oh, I love them and I think they turned out really prim, the bunnies are cute the spring looking tree:)
    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Your tree looks really good! That's a good idea, an Easter tree.

  4. I love your primm decorations! Your bunnies and eggs are very cute and make such an adorable Easter tree.


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