Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chicken Feed Bucket

I had this bucket listed on my selling blog and decided it needed some help. I added "lid" and "chicken feed" and now I REALLY love this bucket! I made the label myself, aged it with boiled black walnut stain and adhered it to both sides of the bucket. The bucket appears to be full of corn, however it is actually a round wood lid with a couple of layers of corn glued on. For easy removal of the lid I had my husband cut a branch and drill through the bottom of the lid to attach it to the lid. It looks like a stick is just sitting in the bucket with the chicken feed. I also think this is a cool place to hide something (I haven't thought of anything yet, but I will!) - under the lid. I have it sitting by the back door, so if you came into my house you might think that I had chickens in the backyard that need to be fed. With the price of eggs, that might be a good idea. Close up of the label - the opposite side is identical.

Another view so you can see the actual size of the bucket. I'm going to relist this on my selling blog. Just to let you know, there are only 9 days left until spring! We were excited this morning in class when we discovered we are in single digits left until that day. I think the kids think it's going to be 70 degrees as soon as it gets to be spring. We can only hope! (The weather forecast here says it's going to be 17 degrees tonight - and we're flooded in NW Ohio). ~Ann


  1. LOL - my bench used to be like that so I hope with this gathering, DH will keep it clean!

    My friend in Fremont, OH was telling me about the flooding in that area.

    What a clever idea that bucket is!!

  2. Love the bucket ~ so prim. You did an awesome job on the label. I do my walnuts every fall, too. Have a great evening.

  3. What a clever idea...I know it will certainly sell, what prim love wouldn't want one by the backdoor:)

  4. What a great idea, Ann. Love it!
    You did a great job making the label too!

    have a great day,

  5. Very neat bucket! Very clever with what you did to the top! Stay warm & dry & I saw on news where the flooding is happening there.

  6. ann, I love the bucket idea too. We have had way too much rain. My dd goes to the univeristy of findlay and there are so many road closed...but when she takes the highway around she can get there safely. I am ready for some sunshine and blue skies, how about you? Dianntha

  7. Ann, The bucket is very clever with the corn-covered lid! It seems that I love the same things that you love...rug hooking, baskets, antiques, etc. I even have the very same doll chair that you have in your blog main picture! Mine does have all its spindles, though :-) I am now following your blog!**Linda (The Wool Cupboard)


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