Saturday, March 7, 2009

$5.00 Saturday

I am so excited! Look what I got today for $5.00. We were in Angola Indiana for a couple of basketball games for our 5th grader. Since we were there early, we drove around downtown and stumbled upon a Thrift Store, run by a sorority - can't remember which one, sorry. Today was fill a bag day for $5.00. I found 5 blazers and 3 skirts. I'm drying the first load and washing the second load right now. All are 100% wool and will be used in either penny rugs or my rug hooking. Mr. Nosey aka Frito immediately jumped on the couch after I laid out the items. You can almost see the bulls eye on his side in this photo. He is such a helper!

We stopped at the Goodwill after the game, but I'm just getting disappointed in Goodwill. Their prices are high and the quality of items is going downhill. I picked up a 6" high pillar candle that was dinged up thinking I could prim it up good and no one would ever know. The price was $2.00!!!!! Sorry, but I can a new one at Walmart for a little more than that. I know that they are working for disadvantaged people, but $2.00 for a used, beaten up candle?????? The Goodwill in our town isn't any better. If I never went in again I don't think I'd miss it. I will definitely go back to the TS where I bought the wool. Unfortunately it didn't have many knick knack items to paint. I just finished this candle board this week. I based it on the directions from Char. Instead of the whale tail top that she used, I used a tombstone top. I have another project in the works with a whale tail top and don't want 2 with the same top in the living room. After hanging it on the wall I just laid candles that I bought at Walmart for 25 cents each on the nails to see how it was going to look. I hadn't had the time to prim them up yet. My advisors (my boys, ages 11 & 8) told me they thought it would look better if I'd remove the wrapping from the candles!!! Maybe there's hope for them yet, they are moving in the prim direction.


  1. Great finds! I know what you mean about Goodwill, their prices are getting outrageous. There is one in a very small town near here that is still good, but some of them are priced higher than new! Oh well, the weather is breaking and it will soon be yard sale time! Yippee! Have fun with the wool!


  2. Love your candle board I should get Stush to cut one out for me...what a deal you found with the blazers and skirts! Our GW wants 4.99 for blazers and 3.99 for skirts.
    Have a great Sunday.

  3. What a great deal on the blazers and skirts!
    I could just kick myself this week. At our GW they have $1.29 colored tags on Tuesday!
    I should have looked at the woolens, because on Thursday I looked and noticed the tags were pink...This Tuesdays color! UGH!
    I have a question about washing the wool.
    Do you add detergent and softner to the load, as you would when washing clothes?
    Also, do you put them in the dryer to dry or hang them up?
    Thanks and have a great weekend!

  4. Wow! You did get a great deal. I just picked up 4 wool skirts at Goodwill for 3.50 ea. for penny rugs but they were really good colors so I couldn't pass them up. I think the donations are way down just not as much to choose from in my area. Good luck next time.

  5. Great job on the 5.00 fill you bag finds! I know what you mean about Goodwill. I think they are charging more and more these days. I'm glad it's getting near garage sale season so I can find some great bargains that way.

  6. i added you to my blog roll.
    love the egg baskets!!


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