Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Basket Shop

I thought I'd share photos with all of you of the Basket Shop at Historic Sauder Village. Looks exciting from the outside? Once the flowers are planted a little latter in the spring and I hang baskets from the porch rafters it will look a little more welcoming! Once you step inside, it's a different story! Thanks to my fellow weavers, Anita, Barb, Cinda, Dinah, Joan, Marcia and Sara the shop looked great for opening day yesterday. This week at Sauder Village is Quilt Fair, where our quilt shop hosts classes and events in conjunction with a large display of quilts made by people from all over the country. The display is in our large multi-purpose Founder's Hall. It's always amazing and breathtaking to see the quilts. I always think of the hours and hours it took to create all these lovely masterpieces.

Every day (except Mondays - we are closed) the Basket shop is staffed by one of the weavers mentioned above (or me!) to share our knowledge of basket weaving with our guests who come to hear the story of life in NW Ohio from the late 1700's to 1910. I enjoy everyday that I work, I've met so many interesting people, both guests and fellow employees.

I'm still having Internet problems, the reason I haven't posted in a week. Hopefully everything has resolved itself. Not having the Internet is horrible! Have a great week. ~Ann


  1. What a beautiful array of baskets...displayed lovely too!

  2. WOW - All of the baskets look beautiful. I live in Ohio...where is the shop located?

  3. OMG! I didn't know you were about an hour north of me!
    I will have to make plans to stop up there this summer to pay you a visit!
    The baskets are gorgeous!

  4. Wow, Ann, I didn't realize yoiu were a pro!! I love the shop! Beautiful things on every shelf! Wish I was closer to Ohio -- I would love to see it in person!

  5. Those are some beautiful baskets. Someday I would to visit!

  6. You do a wonderful job on your baskets! The shop is well on it's way! Best of Luck!!

  7. I love your baskets. Sauder Village looks like it would be a fun weekend getaway this summer. I live about 2 hours and 45 minutes away. I wish I would have known about it when my oldest daughter went to Bowling Green University, we could have gone north to check it out when we went to visit her.
    How close are you to Curtice? An antique store near me has a display from "The Grainary" that I just love! If you haven't been there, you should check it out (then you can let me know if it would be worthwhile making a trip!) Her display had a mixture of antiques, homemade prims and hand dipped candles which the brochure said is what they carry in their store. It's located at Bench Farms Greenhouse on St. Rt. 2.


  8. Ann, I LOVE the basket shop!! Sauder Village sounds like an awesome place to visit. Where exactly is it, and is there room for a big truck to park? Seriously, lol, if I am close and have time I would stop! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  9. How cool is that!You get to display your basket in a Historic Village. Your display looks great too. My best to you in this opportunity!

  10. I was at Sauder Village once and loved it! I have ornaments from there that I hang on my tree every year! I would love to get back there. My Mom and Dad go every year!



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