Thursday, April 16, 2009

My "New" Dry Sink

This is my newest treasure! I actually bought it a year ago and moved it into the house in October '08. I am totally in love with this piece. The first several pictures are the before - Unfortunately this end was beyond repair and DH had to replace it completely. We have no idea why the holes were in the end.

Loved the warm red paint on the inside of the sink. The base of the sink part was also beyond saving, we had to replace that as well as the top part above the drawer.

This shot is pretty good to show you how dilapidated it really was. It leaned one way and was over an inch shorter on one end than the other. Do you see the patch on the far left side? It serves NO purpose, just a strip of wood nailed on with over a dozen nails. This makedo patch is my favorite part of the whole thing.

DH said the whole thing was a "pincushion" for nails, they were pounded in all over with no purpose. DH took the entire thing apart, we sanded what we could salvage and then coated it with a wood hardener.

I found this at a garage sale, debated, went on with my errands, stopped back and it was still there. Since it was in such bad shape, I called DH to see if he was up for a re-do, "go ahead and buy it" was the response. I still didn't buy it, but went home and picked him up to go back. I'm really surprised that we came home with it...when he saw it he told me he didn't realize it was THAT BAD!

I wanted to keep the mouse holes in the doors. You can see on the right door where we had to replace the frame, I need to figure out how to darken this up to make it match the rest of the front. I did replace the drawer pull, I didn't like the porcelain one that was on it when we bought it. It now has a wooden knob.

I covered the new end with a feed sack. Found this one at the Elkhorn Wisconsin Flea Market - if you've never been there and live anywhere near you need to go. The feed sack advertises a Wisconsin company (my sister lives in WI) and the feed sack was made in Toledo Ohio (I live in OH, an hour from Toledo). My ideas for decorating this were immediately squashed! Frito the cat decided that it was a perfect height to look out the front windows and spends almost every afternoon sunbathing in it. The kids make sure he's comfy - it always has at least one fleece throw in it for his comfort. Spoiled rotten cat!

Hope you enjoyed my re-do. ~Ann


  1. Wow, I think you get the redo of the year award! I can't belive the difference! I csn just imagine Frito at that window!!It looks really terrific -- almost new!

  2. Wonderful Ann! What a great save - the perfect ecofriendly project too! LOVE it!

  3. It just shows that pretty much nothing is beyond saving if you have the will and enough know how! Are the holes for ventilation? Maybe a previous owner used it as a pie safe (just a humble guess!). Great primitive, Ann. Linda/TheWoolCupboard

  4. It is so nice that you could see that the pieces were still full of life..they are wonderful. Dianntha

  5. What a great save, Ann!
    You and hubby did a wonderful job on it. I love everything about it! :)


  6. How very nice. and nice of Hubby to "allow" you to bring it home. Lucky you.


  7. What a great job you did!! It looks WONDERFUL. I can see why you like it so much : )

  8. I love that!....this might help darken the "new" pieces...

    take some snuff from a can...wet it down slightly to form a rub it into the new wood....keep repeating will eventually darken up to where you want it!

  9. Ann - love your re-do - just great! My favorite things are pieces like this that are "renewed" - so much better than brand spanking new!

  10. Ann,
    I am in LOVE with it! I have a thing for dry sinks and would have snagged this one for sure. I looks amazing!! If ya ever want to sell it............LOL!
    Hope your day is great!

  11. Just love it...what a great redo you can't even tell there has been repairs to it. Your DH did a wonderful job.

  12. I absolutely love that!!! That is my kind of furniture. You did a wonderful job with it!!!

  13. I just found your blog, it is wonderful, and I love this piece, great job

  14. I absolutley love what you did with your Dry sink. It looks so cool! I am so jelouse!


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