Monday, April 6, 2009

Cross Stitch Challenge

I finished my entry into Robby's Cross Stitch Challenge. I used both peacocks, but decided against the basket. I actually stitched it in and then ripped it out. As a nod to my love for anything Shaker, I added "Simple Gifts". I LOVE that song, my middle child plays it as a practice piece on his violin, love it! I added the year, 1742 since that is the year of the original sampler that we are basing the challenge on.

The frame is so happy! Can you hear it saying "finally out of the attic where I have been living for over 20 years". I bought it at an auction in either '86 or '87. My future MIL and I went to this auction and the frame is the only item I bought. I knew someday I'd find a use for it. I did brush a dark brown paint over the frame as the gold was not quite to my liking. I did try my piece with the mat that came with the frame, but decided against it, not primitive enough.

I'm very happy with how my entry turned out. Now I just have to find the right spot in the house to hang it.

My kids are going with my Mom to Milwaukee until Friday. They left this morning on Amtrak (the train was 3 hours late). My sister lives near Milwaukee so they will spend the week with them. I have a nephew who is 3 1/2 and a niece that is 2. With my three mixed in and a grandmother my sister should have a wild week! I'll be spending my week preparing to open the basket shop at Sauder Village, we open up on April 28th for the season. ~Ann


  1. that turned out wonderful!...that frame is absolutely perfect!

  2. It turned out so "simply beautful"!

  3. Wow Ann....that turned out great. This has been fun...I think I might have to come up with another did good. I love the frame too...I am going to go to my TS and see if I can find cool frames like that. xxxRobby

  4. Absolutely Beautiful! You did a fabulous job!


  5. That turned out Beautiful, Ann!
    Perfect frame :)


  6. I t sure looks wonderful...I love the shades of blue. Dianntha

  7. Ann - Your challenge piece is great! I'm sure the prim look will be perfect where ever you decide to hang it. Linda/TheWoolCupboard

  8. Hey Ann, about the Tudors -- I've been addicted since the first season. Just love it! I agree that they are taking some historic liberties, but the guy was wacko (a genius, but a wacko). LOL. I read The 6 Wives and other books -- my undergrad degree is in History and I love English history! I was fascinated with Ann Bolyn and I'm glad that they devoted a season to her story. I'm so excited the new season has started!


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