Friday, April 3, 2009

Punch Needle Bunny

Thank you to Betty for this cute pattern. I decided to punch needle the design, but left off the date - I have a hard time with dates and letters, I guess I need more practice. I did use all DMC floss for this design, but mixed a couple of different tans for the bunny to give him a more realistic look.

Live and learn, but next time I would use a lighter blue for the sky, it's pretty dark in "real" life. The photo makes it look lighter than it is. When done with the punching and tea staining, I stitched a homespun to the back and made it into a pillow. I did find the perfect home for the pillow, this little shelf is in the downstairs half bath.

I'm looking forward to the next week, we have spring break here, I have lots of projects in line to complete. ~Ann


  1. I love him and I love Betty's designs:)

  2. Oh, it turned out so cute!! Don't ya love Betty's designs!
    Hugs, Bren

  3. So sweet Ann! You did a charming job! I'll post it on my blog soon to share there too.

    Have a blessed evening!



  4. Ann - Your pillow turned out so cute! Perfect Spring colors just in time for Easter. Love how punch needle projects look like mini hooked rugs! Have a great weekend. Linda/TheWoolCupboard

  5. That looks really cute. I need to try punch needle again. Enjoy your week with no children. I am a bit jealous thinking of what all could be accomplished!!!


  6. Love your pillow, so cute. Thanks so much for the card, what a nice surprise that was!


  7. Ann - love your bunny - so springlike! I like the blue background! joanne

  8. Wow, that is gorgeous. I have done a little punch needle and really enjoy it except for having to change out the threads.

  9. VERY, very cute!!!! It looks great there on your shelf.


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