Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jar Lid Pinkeeps & Play Dough

Thanks to Robin for the tutorial for the jar lid pinkeeps. I didn't have any zinc lids, but had saved some candle lids thinking that they would be good for something - someday. Another reason not to throw anything away! I used osnaburg for the black lid pinkeep and a dark brown/navy homespun for the rusty lid. My grandmother was a rug hooker and I found the perfect antique buttons from her stash to use. I have a large firkin full of buttons that she cut off wool clothing that she was going to use in her rugs. My sister and I always had a good time stringing the buttons when we were growing up and now we both use the buttons in our crafting. Everytime my sister is here she digs into the stash and takes what she wants. My sister makes the coolest button magnets using some antique buttons and some new buttons. I'm sure that Kack would be happy that all those buttons she saved are being used. Up close photo of the black lid - SWAN CREEK CANDLE CO. The perfect prim use - make do or do without. Will someone in 100 years appreciate the fact that I used a jar lid from a candle? One less thing in the landfill!

I want to share this recipe with you - for anyone that has small children, this is the best playdough recipe:

3 cups flour

1 1/2 cups salt

3 cups water

3 t. cream of tartar

4 T vegetable oil

Mix ingredients together in a stockpot. Heat on low heat, stirring constantly, until mixture "lumps" then turns into a dough consistency. Store in a plastic bag or air tight container.
Makes a nice large batch and it lasts a long time. I made a batch and sent with my kids to deliver to their cousins yesterday.

Speaking of recipes did anyone else try Char's Shoo Fly cake recipe? I made it over the weekend and it was wonderful. Tastes just like Shoo fly pie - yum! If you've never had Shoo Fly pie, it's an Amish recipe using only a few ingredients, molasses being the star of the show. When I make it again I will add 1 teaspoon of salt. Thanks Char.



  1. Love the pin-keeps!!

  2. Those pinkeeps are so neat. I especially love the chocolate brown and the fact that you used the candle lids. I've been on the lookout for some zinc lids with no luck.

  3. The pin keeps are just too cute and I thank you so much for the play dough recipe... my son will really enjoy playing with it or maybe I will (lol).


  4. It's wonderful that you reused the candle lids. your pinkeeps look great. I may try making one. Thanks for stopping by yesterday. I am sure that house is open to the public soon. I will have to check it out. Where are you from in Ohio?

  5. Love, Love LOVE your pinkeeps....another thing to add to the LIST! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Great job. I'd like to make me one too but I don't have any of the zinc lids either and thought I might just use regular canning lid and maybe paint it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your pinkeeps are great, Ann. I, too, love vintage buttons used to decorate prim creations! Linda/TheWoolCupboard

  8. Love your pinkeeps - aren't they fun to make! great idea with the candle lids - i was thinking too of putting them atop some little boxes! Possibilities endless! Love that you are using your grandmother's buttons too!

  9. I have made a few of those pincushions with my lids as well. They make great tuck in gifts!

    That is the recipe we used exclusively in my preschool. We made it with different colors using food coloring and sometimes scented it with extract too. I loved kneading it when it was warm!

    Goos luck with your internet!

  10. Love your work and your blog.I have given you a award check my blog


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