Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baskets & Robots

I had a pile of baskets that needed to be stained and this past Saturday was beautiful! (I even got a sunburn on the back of my neck) I sat on the deck, finished up a couple of baskets and then stained several with boiled walnut stain. I use this stain on baskets that don't have color in them, more antique looking, prim baskets. All of the baskets that have colored rows in them are stained with my "secret" recipe stain, I mix a couple of different Minwax stains together to create a custom color.

My favorite one of the whole bunch is this 10" egg basket. This is stained with walnut dye. I love how the reed takes the dye differently, some areas are darker than others. Very Prim.
Our youngest had to make a Rummage Robot over the weekend. The halls at school are now over run with all sorts of robots. All the items used in the robot had to be recyclable materials. This back view shows the jet packs(Saline solution bottles) that Daniel had to include, all robots need jet packs!

Front view of "Flash", AA Batteries for his antennae, 9 volt for his ears and pop tabs for his teeth. We found a round plastic plate that we glued to his stomach and Daniel filled it with items that can be recycled; bits of newspaper, batteries, plastic. Not a prim project, but a fun one never the less.

Hope you are all having a good week. ~Ann


  1. Ann, I love your baskets. They are beautiful. I've only made a couple but my sister has made many. She's promised to help me make another soon. Oh, and what a cute Rummage Robot! Hope you have a great day.

  2. Your baskets are beautiful. I wish I was talented enough to make baskets, but unfortunately my baskets look like the leaning tower of pisa (lol).

    What a very neat looking robot...looks like he is pretty talented as well : )

  3. Your baskets look beautiful. Simply beautiful!!! I'm impressed with the shaker cheese basket I see on the right hand side of the photo. I've only ever done 2 of them.

  4. What a dreamy day...sitting in the sun doing the final step on your baskets. I use Minwax for mine too. I want to try some natural dyes this summer. You have been very busy!

  5. Your baskets are amazing! The robot is so cute. I loved doing these projects with my kids. I can't wait until I can do them with my grandkids. You brought back memories of solar systems and posters and all kinds of projects!


  6. Love the rummage robot...how neat!
    Your baskets are so very nice, love them with the walnut stain they do make them more prim:)

  7. Love your baskets!!! You are very talented, and it would seem that your son has picked up your traits!

  8. Great baskets! What an ingenious idea for the robot! How cute!

  9. I have an egg basket just like that! :) I love all your baskets.

  10. what a gorgeous lot of baskets....
    wish I lived next door to you! ♥


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