Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fly Lady Wanna Be

Do you all remember (or still subscribe to) the popularity of The Fly Lady a few years ago? She sent out several emails everyday to try to help, by "baby-steps", to organize and clean your home, car and purse! I found the emails to be yet another thing I had to clean up! Loved her philosophy though. JoAnne, one of our Challengers in the Procrastinator's Challenge entered her craft closet into the challenge. Here's the before and......... the after.... WOW! JoAnne, you inspired me to clean up my basement basket weaving room so...

I'm so embarrassed by the before that I'm posting the after photo's first! In this photo you can see my collection of miniature baskets that I've made in the shelf. On top of the shelf, standing in a row is a collection of antique potato mashers that I will weave into catch-all baskets.

Okay, here's the MESSY room before. Basket weaving is not a neat hobby. I hope Pam from Baskets 'n Prims echo's my statement, if you are a basket weaver you know that this grows into a hug tangled mess. I make between 100 - 150 baskets every year for the living history museum where I work here in Ohio. I try to rationalize the mess with the fact that it brings in a nice income in the summer when school is out and I'm not getting a paycheck!

This brings our standings to: Cathy - 6 completed projects, JoAnne - 5 completed projects, Nicola - 4 completed projects, Sheri - 2 completed projects and Linda - where are you Linda? Ann - 2 completed projects. I still have more projects to post from JoAnne, which I will do this weekend. Watch for the standings to change just a little bit! Hope this inspires all of you to pull out your UFO's or organize your crafting area! ~ Ann

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  1. Wow, do I ever 2nd that, basketweaving is so, so messy. It's really not that which bothers me, though. It's where to store everything. Simon puts pegboard in the pole barn for me but I still have alot of reed, handles, etc. in my craft room & it just takes up so much space. I tell ya, Ann, I'm just a "basketcase". I have to get organzied and maybe you have inspired me.
    Have a wonderful evening.



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