Friday, January 9, 2009

The next Challenger

The second Challenger is Nicola Brown, Welcome Nicola.

Handle and closure on large green/lime/white bag.
Handle on small green bag and possibly some beading.
Handle on small blue/purple/navy/white bag.
Handle on natural bag with goat hair.
Handle and closures on the small mixed blue saddle bag.
Wet and re-felt the brown and cream vessel so that I can use it as a bag instead of a desktop tidy. Add a handle, poss leather.
Make a closure for the red and pink mosaic neck wrap.
String felt beads to make tactile outdoor and indoor mobiles.
String beads to make jewellery.
Decide how to finish and hang my batiked circle fabric, been waiting a long time for this one!!
Possibly make something with the blue/purple nuno felt you can just see peeking out from behind the bags.
I can't wait to see Nicola's finished projects, this is an avenue of crafting that I've never tried! Hmmm....
Here in NW Ohio we are experiencing SNOW. We are supposed to get 6-10" of snow by Saturday at 5:00pm. That's a lot of snow for us. All after school activities are cancelled. I must get to the grocery store and then I'm coming home to work on my UFO's. I will post updates from the challengers and myself over the weekend. Ann


  1. I'm so looking forward to all of the snow...good luck at the grocery neighbor went this morning and said that it was a mad house!
    Where in Ohio do you live?
    I live about 25 miles south of Cedar Point

  2. I am having a problem finding your email address, Ann. It must be here = oh, darn. I do want to join the procrastinators project. I just put everything in a pile and took a picture of it. My blog is


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