Saturday, January 31, 2009

Procrastinator JoAnne - NOT!

JoAnne has been one busy procrastinator. Look at all the projects that she's finished up. The scarves in this photo were done, but needed the finishing touches...fringe. She's finished all 5 of them. She's also made these adorable pillows...
and these wonderful pillows.

In her entry she said she had several areas that she needed to tidy up. Here's a hutch that she organized.

Another entry that she finished - her kitchen curtains. I love them, my favorite color!

Here are the updates as of today: JoAnne - 9 completed projects (a couple of these include numerous items - like her 5 scarves), Cathy - 6 completed projects, Nicola - 4 completed projects, Sheri - 2 completed projects, Linda ????, Ann 2 completed projects. I've been working on mine and will post later in the week. Keep up the good work ladies. JoAnne, you are really pushing me - Thank you. ~Ann


  1. Don't you feel great after completing a project? I love your curtains and your little pillows that you made.

  2. Thank you for the motivation!

  3. I needed this little competition to get me thank YOU! I will be sending a couple more pictures your way very soon. I think that about wraps up my UFO's. I have some fun things that I have been thinking about starting though! :)

  4. What a beautiful blog you have! I am so excited that I came across it tonight and had to become one of your followers. :) It is just darling and I love all of the pictures that you have. Your pillows and curtains are just primfect! You are a very talented lady. I would like to extend a warm welcome to you to come by and visit my new prim blog at Farm Wife Primitives. It was just created last week and am looking forward to sharing ideas, pictures and projects with other prim lovers out there in blogland. :) It would be my honor to have you as one of my followers if you so choose.

    Happy crafting and many blessings,


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