Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Last Procrastinator?

Welcome to Jo-Anne! You are Challenger #5. The things I want to get done are sorting out my craft closet, uncovering several surfaces that I have piled beyond belief, put the fringe on 5 scarves, finish up two valentine runners and a quilt, put the finishing touches on another quilt (finish quilting and binding), stuff a few sewn pillows, decide what to do with two Easter needle punched (frame or make into pillows), finish some stitching for the Etsy shop, sew some cutains for my kitchen and cut strips for another quilt that I want to make. WHEW!

Jo-Anne, if you can't find a place for these wonderful reds, send them my way, I'm sure I could stash them somewhere! I have updates from a few of our contenders that I will post tomorrow so all can see what they've accomplished. Keep up the good work procrastinators! I'm off to put pizza crust in the bread maker and settle in for an evening of work. NW Ohio is again getting snow and the roads are BAD. On the way home from school the kids and I saw an accident that resulted in a light pole toppling over onto our main street - it had been it head on by an SUV that slid through the intersection. Everyone stay safe. ~Ann


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