Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our first Challenger!

Welcome aboard to Cathy from who has stepped to the plate and joined my Procrastinator's Challenge. Here's Cathy's information and picture of UFO's:

So here they are, my items that I have been putting off. I have lots of needlework started but it would not seem fair to add that because that is all that I want to work on right now.

1 and 2. The blue barrel and the milkcan that I have started for two different customers and they have been more than patient with me about them. I have trouble painting what someone else wants...I want to do what I want. Sounds bratty, doesn't it? Anyway I just found out that I may be going on a trip and I think that I am going to need the extra money that these will bring in.

3 and 4. The butter churn and the wood bowl have been sitting on my paint counter for longer than I even want to admit, let's say a year, that's my story anyway. They are not for anyone in
particular, they will tell me who they are for as I paint them, in other words which one of the girls is going to have to add them to their house to dust.

5. The bread raising pan is mine, I bought another one several years ago and painted it and sold it and felt bad that I had sold it. About a month after that, one of John's buddies showed up here one day and he had been at an auction and had saw that and bid on it thinking that it was something I would like...very touching and I feel so bad that I have not painted it yet, but I was not sure where I wanted to set it and wanted it to be PERFECT.

6. The bookshelf is for my granddaughter's books. I want it done for her birthday on the 27th. It is the newest, unseasoned piece in the collection.

There you have it, now I am off to make those paintbrushes fly!

I can't wait to see all of your items painted up Cathy. You are a very talented artist and we are all going to want your finished projects!

Don't forget that you have until Sunday January 10th to enter my Procrastinator's Challenge, so gather up your items, email me a photo and I'll post them. There are prizes for the first and second place finishers! More information is farther down in my blog. Ann

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  1. Thanks for organising such a great challenge! I have sent you an email with a picture attached, this afternoon and evening I avtually finished 3 of the projects and am almost finished the fourth. I can't believe it!!


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