Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hats, Hats, Hats

I know what you are all thinking, I've started another project without finishing my Procrastinator's Challenge items! YES I did! My daughter has had these looms for a couple of years, just kicking around the house. I decided after seeing photo's on some of your blogs to give it a try. This is so cool! If you haven't tried making a hat yet - you have to!!! It is the most relaxing craft. I think it must be the repetitive motion of taking the stitches over the top. For the black hat I used eyelash yarn in a gray tone with a black yarn for the brim and then dropped the eyelash for the body of the hat and replaced it with the black that I was already using. The blue hat is with one strand of variegated and one of the denim blue yarn for the brim and then 2 strands of denim for the body of the hat. I really like the finish on the black hat better - the eyelash yarn really perks up the brim of the hat. After I finished the black hat my daughter, a very fashion conscious 14 year old, said "I'd wear one of those after basketball practice". She has to wear a hat after basketball practice, coaches rule! I did make her one and she has worn it! I've passed the 14 year old fashion police!

If you haven't emailed me your photos, or list of projects for the Procrastinator's Challenge, please do so before Sunday night.



  1. Very nice, they are so fun to do. I am working on some kids ones right now. I love the specialty yarns on the brims, they passed the 27 year olds fashion police also here.

  2. Hi Anne i just love the hats.Is the loom the only thing you need to make them,i have never seen them here in the United Kingdom.Do they have a name, i will try and see if we can buy one here,my prim friend would love one.Will keep checking you blog.ake Care~Kate~

  3. Ann~Those are adorable! I would like to learn to do that!
    Hey, if it passes the 14 year old test...then it must be slammin!
    I will just add this to my list of "things I want to learn this year" list.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. I am going to try making a hat too. I am in the process of finishing UFOs...quilts mostly....but I am knitting a cabled knit bag. What gadget did you use for the hat and where did you get it?
    Great Job!
    In Dunfanaghy, Ireland

  5. The loom is called a Knifty Knitter. They come in a set of 4 round looms in graduating sizes. Very easy to do ~ Ann


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