Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More completed UFO's

Wow! We are flying through our UFO's. Cathy http://www.tolentreasures.blogspot.com/ has finished 2 more wonderful projects. Way to go Cathy! I should share with you that not only does she have this Challenge to motivate her, she is also going on a mission trip this weekend and wanted to complete her items before then.

The framed piece is one of my own UFO's. The pattern is free and can be found here http://www.cottonshoponline.com/images/freeblackbird.jpg I did take off the bottom few rows of the printed pattern. I wanted it to fit into the frame I used. I think it is going to hang in my bathroom, I'll have to try and see if I like it there. I printed the pattern on 1/27/05. Wow it's almost 4 years later that I've actually finished it.

This basket is one that I bought the pattern and supplies from East Troy Basketry in East Troy Wisconsin last March. It's called Remembrance by Vinie Hinson for those of you who are basket weavers. I really like it since it is a double wall basket. The inside is reed and the outside is reed, black walnut and maple all mixed together. The black walnut is beautiful. I stained the handle with black walnut stain to match the outside of the basket. I usually stain completed baskets with either a black walnut stain I boil myself or a mixture of Minwax. I like this one as it is and it won't be stained. The contrast between the colors is appealing.

Looking inside you can see the double wall and the great black walnut base.

I'll post more photo's this week. The Challenge as it stands is:

Cathy - 4 completed projects

Nicola - 4 completed projects

Sheri - 1 completed projects

Linda & Jo-Anne - send me an email with some photos of your completed UFO's!!!!!!!!!

Ann - 2 completed projects


  1. I have been working on UFOs too...I am trying awfully hard to finish them. Yesterday, I finished a machine felted wall hanging. Tomorrow, I work on completing the Christmas House Blocks Quilt, that I will have to use next year.LOL

  2. love your projects...the churn is wonderful

  3. Love the basket. And the painted things are all beautiful Cathy. I wish I had that talent! I have finished two more. One is on my blog.

    Sheri in CA

  4. I love that sampler and I'm going to make it for my bath too, it will go great. I still have a Christmas one in there:) The basket is great how neat to be able to do that:)

  5. Your basket is so beautiful..I have made "Cherokee" (double walled) baskets for years. I have been lucky enough to have several work shops with a Cherokee Artist that makes CBs for a living and has for 50 years here in Oklahoma. The Cherokee's invented the double wall basket a long long time ago...many of them carried their possessions in these baskets on the Trail of Tears into OKlahoma. I love all of your beautiful art work, you are a very talented artist and I am so glad to find your blog.

  6. Hi Ann,

    Isn't East Troy Basketry Company great? I personally know owner Eileen Mirsberger and have taught several antler basket classes and chair seat weaving classes there over the last six or seven years. Her dyed reed that she and hubby do themselves is to "die" for, super great stuff that doesn't bleed at all! Visit her shop in person sometime if you ever get the chance.

    I met Vinie Hinson last year while we were both teaching at the Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri Basket Weaving Seminar. Very nice, warm, friendly woman and a great teacher and basketmaker and pattern author.

    Visit my blog sometime, Weavin' Wicker Woman at http://wickerwoman.blogspot.com and my domain website at http://www.WickerWoman.com/cathryns-classes to see what all I do in the basketweaving world.

    The Wicker Woman-Cathryn Peters-Angora, MN


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