Saturday, January 17, 2009

Massage Anyone?

I started this blog with the idea that I can share my love of primitives with others who share my passion. I promise not to bore you with stories of my family, however allow me this one digression. This is just so funny you will (hopefully) get a chuckle out of it. On our way to school one day this week the local radio station was advertising a winter giveaway that they have arranged with various local businesses. One of the items you can win is a hot stone massage. I commented to my kids I would really like that. My daughter, 14, agreed that it sounded very relaxing. Not much was coming out of the boys(ages 11 & 8) in the back seat until the older one, piped up "I'm not sure I'd like it, how hard do they throw them at you?" He meant the hot stones! We all had a good chuckle over this after I explained what a hot stone massage is. It's always good to start your day with a laugh.

The photo might help to explain his immediate thought of throwing the stones.


  1. That is cute and yes, I had to chuckle:0

  2. I love the sayings that come out of kids' mouths...they say the funniest things!
    So...did you win the massage?

  3. Too cute. Gotta live the way boys think! I could go for one of those massages too, but not the one where they throw the stones at you ;-)

    Sheri in CA


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